More than 170 detained at German border controls for the European football championship

More than 170 detained at German border controls for the European football championship

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 09:46


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The German Minister of the Interior, the social democrat Nancy Faeser, has expressed her satisfaction with the effectiveness of the border controls reimposed in Germany with its neighbors to prevent the arrival of unwanted elements to this country during the European Football Championship.

“In the temporary border controls that I have ordered at all German borders, the Federal Police has carried out 173 arrests within a week based on court orders and prevented the unauthorized entry of 900 people,” says Faeser in statements to the Sunday Bild. am Sonntag.

«This shows that our measures are effective. Above all, we want to recognize and preventively detain violent people,” highlights the German minister, who hopes with these controls to prevent the arrival to Germany of hooligans known for their violence, but also of possible terrorists.

Some 22,000 German Federal Police officers are deployed daily to participate in the operation deployed to guarantee the security of the Euro Cup, “the largest operation in the history of this police force,” Faeser emphasizes in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, in the which explains that “they protect our borders, airports and railway traffic.”

Although the European football tournament of nations ends on July 14, Germany will temporarily suspend the European Schengen agreement on free movement of people until July 19 and maintain controls on its borders with Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, as well as with Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

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