Modena Grand Prix of Badminton: Combining Sports and Sustainability

Modena Grand Prix of Badminton: Combining Sports and Sustainability

Next Saturday and Sunday Modena the go to Grand Prix Of Badminton. The event, now in its fifth edition, offers national level competitions in this discipline and includes the participation of athletes (from under 9s to masters) as well as para-athletes, coming from all Italian regions, confirming a now widespread notoriety on everything the national territory.

The Athletes

Among the athletes on the field, Massimo from Vignola Grotti17 year old blue, and Rosa Efomo Of Marco, 23 years old, ready to take to the field and with the able-bodied and with the Paralympians. She will also be at the Paris Paralympics, having qualified some time ago.

In addition to the sporting one, as usual, there is also another important objective: contributing to the construction of a sustainable future for the Planet. In this context, the Italian Badminton Federation has granted the use of the “sustainable event” logo to the Modena event which formalized an important commitment in compliance with the requirements set out in the federal guidelines issued with the support of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) .

The organizers and partners

Remaining in this direction, the organizers of theASD Modena Badminton have also concluded an important collaboration with the Group Heraone of the main Italian multi-utilities, ed Erion WEEE ed Erion Energythe Consortia of the Erion System dedicated, respectively, to the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Batteries (RB).

Badminton players and supporters will be made aware of “the importance and need to increase the recovery and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and spent batteries.

Badminton Palapanini

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning a lottery in which, thanks to the collaboration with the HERA Group, all those present (!?) will be able to participate by providing, on Saturday 29 June, small WEEE (such as telephones, cables, small household appliances, keyboards computer, battery charger) and batteries directly on the stand set up at the PalaPanini facility with special containers provided by the multiutility, which will also take care of emptying them and weighing the WEEE collected. Based on the number of correctly delivered waste, tickets will be given to participate in the prize draw.

Sustainable development through sporting events

A round table will also take place during the “Grand Prix”, scheduled for 11am on Saturday 29 Junededicated precisely to the themes of sustainable development through sporting events.

The president of the Italian Badminton Federation, Carlo Beninati, will intervene in this important cultural event dell’ASD Modena Badminton Marco Tarabusithe head of the Sports and Youth Office of the Municipality of Modena Giovanna Rondinonethe General Director of Erion WEEE Giorgio Ariesthe UISP communications manager Modena Alessandro TrebbiLuca Sit of the Modena Area Environmental Services Directorate of the Hera Group, the general secretary of the Italian Badminton Federation Giovanni Espositoand the president of the European Badminton Confederation Sven serre.

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