MLB’s PLAY BALL WEEKEND Event in Shanghai: Connecting Chinese Youth with the Global Baseball Community

MLB’s PLAY BALL WEEKEND Event in Shanghai: Connecting Chinese Youth with the Global Baseball Community

On the evening of June 14, Shanghai Qilin Baseball School (Chuansha Campus) was brightly lit, and the PLAY BALL WEEKEND China event initiated by the MLB American Professional Baseball League was launched here. 80 young baseball players aged 8-12 came to the event site to witness and participate in the first PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in China.

PLAY BALL WEEKEND Group photo in Shanghai, China

At the beginning of the event, Rick Dell, General Manager of Baseball Development in Asia Pacific of MLB, welcomed the children with his opening remarks. Then, Kevin Johnson, Assistant Coach of MLB Baseball Development Center, led the children in warm-up exercises to fully prepare for the following activities and games. The young players were divided into four teams named after famous MLB teams: Yankees, Dodgers, Brewers and Phillies, and launched a fierce competition in four events: home run challenge, pitching on target, catching and defending, and hitting and running the bases. The atmosphere was warm, and the children cheered one after another, sweating on the green field.

Photos of PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in Shanghai, China

Photos of PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in Shanghai, China

PLAY BALL WEEKEND was launched in Times Square, New York, and then entered Shanghai, China for the first time, using baseball as a bridge across time and space to connect Chinese young baseball fans with baseball fans around the world. It not only demonstrated MLB’s determination to promote baseball, but also allowed us to see the passion of Chinese young baseball players. The flame of hope for baseball is burning in China, and more and more outstanding young baseball players are thriving. Chinese baseball is moving towards a new milestone.

The PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in China is the first stop in Asia for this year’s PLAY BALL WEEKEND. This year’s PLAY BALL WEEKEND event covers six continents, with MLB clubs, MiLB clubs, cooperative alliances and international offices jointly hosting 260 events to encourage more children to participate in baseball and softball. During the games on June 14 and 15, all MLB players and coaches will wear hats decorated with the PLAY BALL WEEKEND logo to encourage more baseball fans to participate.

Photos of PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in Shanghai, China

It is worth mentioning that this PLAY BALL WEEKEND event coincided with Father’s Day, which also provided children with an unforgettable experience of spending happy time with their fathers.

“We have just started learning baseball and have experienced three baseball activities. It feels very good. Later, we will let the child make his own choice based on his interests. Maybe he will always be passionate about baseball, so we will sign him up for a professional training institution.” said the father of a 6-year-old child.

After the event, each participant received a carefully prepared foam baseball bat, ball and PLAY BALL WEEKEND event T-shirt as a commemorative gift.

Photos of PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in Shanghai, China

Qi Dong, Managing Director of MLB China, said: “The first MLB PLAY BALL WEEKEND event in China is both a new attempt and a new opportunity. Today’s event coincides with Father’s Day, and we also look forward to seeing fathers and children gain more father-son warmth while enjoying baseball. The number of baseball players in China is increasing day by day, and there is a very broad baseball market. MLB is willing to help more young people in China and around the world understand and participate in baseball, and jointly promote the future development of baseball and softball.”

In North America, New York’s Times Square became the launch site for the PLAY BALL WEEKEND event. Mets star Francisco Lindor, MLB Chief Baseball Development Officer Tony Regans, USA Softball Ambassador and Olympic champion Natasha Watley and others appeared at the event site, and witnessed the grand opening of this year’s PLAY BALL WEEKEND event with dozens of baseball and softball teenagers. The event site invited Girl Scouts, NIKE RBI Project and other participating children to carry out a number of baseball creative activities. In addition, SmartMotion technology was introduced at the event site to capture the children’s swing movements with cameras. Children will be able to personally feel how similar their swing movements are to those of twelve MLB stars such as Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, and Juan Soto.

Children take a group photo under the Times Square billboard

In addition, MLB has also partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA to distribute 2,500 customized Girl Scout Daisy PLAY BALL kits to approximately 13,000 participating Girl Scouts, aiming to introduce baseball and softball to young girls and encourage more girls to join the two sports.

PLAY BALL WEEKEND is committed to bringing the fun of baseball to more children around the world. MLB hopes to work with more countries and regions to promote the global development of baseball and build a more inclusive and connected baseball community around the world. Joining the PLAY BALL WEEKEND event has also injected new vitality into Chinese baseball and opened the door to baseball for more children. We look forward to more countries and regions joining in the future to jointly promote the global development of baseball.

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