Micaela Sciacovelli Wins Silver at Podcetrtek Senior European Cup

Micaela Sciacovelli Wins Silver at Podcetrtek Senior European Cup

The twenty year old Micaela Sciacovelli won the silver medal in the 52 kg in Slovenia, on the second day of the Podcetrtek Senior European Cup. After starting with the golden score victory for three penalties over the Polish Klaudia Cieslik, Micaela Sciacovelli also forced the Hungarian Rebeka Keller to be disqualified and then earned the final with the very clear victory over the Swiss Michelle Fernandez. In the gold final however, the Hungarian Luca Mamira proved to be superior and the silver medal was still the prize for Micaela Sciacovelli’s race.

“Today the match started uphill right from the draw – commented the coach Giuliano Loporchio– Micaela immediately found herself facing the Polish Cieslik, already a medalist in this type of competition, and starting as seeded no. 2. But Micaela was not intimidated and attack after attack dampened her rival’s ambitions. The Hungarian Keller was also very difficult in the second round, the ending was identical. Very excited, in the semi-final after having the Swiss Fernandez penalized twice, she scored a double wazari. In the final, unfortunately, she had to surrender to the Hungarian Mamira who, just two months ago, Micaela had defeated in the final of the European Junior Cup in Lignano. Differently from then however, on Micaela’s first attack of kata guruma, her opponent saved and hooked in ouchi gari: wazari! Every effort to overcome the deficit was then in vain and a few seconds from the end, on yet another attack attempt Micaela was pinned to the ground with shime waza. One week after third place at the Overall in Jesolo, I’m sorry, but that’s fine and we continue to work to be in shape for the European and Junior World Championships.”

A good test was also that of Silvia Pellitteriwhich ranked seventh in the 57 kg category, defeated only by Kitti Kovacs (Hun) and Flaka Loxha (Kos), gold and bronze at the end, but with victories obtained over the German Lisa Hiller and, in recovery, over the Ukrainian Yuliia Kuzmenko.


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