Messi shines as Argentina defeats Canada 2-0 in Copa América 2024 opener

Messi shines as Argentina defeats Canada 2-0 in Copa América 2024 opener

Copa América 2024 – Argentina Canada – Summary

In the premiere of his seventh Copa América, Lionel Messi led the Argentine team in a 2-0 victory over Canada. Although he was left wanting to shout a goal, La Pulga gave some luxuries and showed his best repertoire in the second half.

As happens in every presentation, Leo was the main focus of attention on the night in Atlanta. His presence lifted the spectators who filled the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and captivated the children who participated in the teams’ formal exit and who accompanied the players on their way to the playing field and in the singing of the national anthems. .

Two of the minors took advantage of the opportunity and, while the rest lined up for the moment of the anthems, they asked Messi for his autograph. The captain agreed without problems and stamped his signature on the shirt of one of them, granting their wish.

Copa América 2024 – Argentina Canada – The occasion that Lionel Messi failed in Argentina

At the time of action, the star left several of his brushstrokes. Midway through the first stage, he enabled Marcos Acuña with an exquisite change of front that started a goal situation. The rival goalkeeper, Maxime Crépeau, came out at the wrong time and the Egg, after controlling the ball, chose a kick instead of a shot at goal from a tight angle. The ball crossed the entire area without anyone managing to push it against the net and the danger dissipated after a couple of clearances by the Canadian defense.

Minutes later, he tried from mid-range, but his shot went over the crossbar.

Already in the complement, he participated in the play that opened the scoring. The man from Rosario rubbed the lamp with a deep pass for the run by Alexis Mac Allister, who anticipated the goalkeeper and assisted Julián Álvarez so that the Spider scored and broke the drought with the national team: he had not scored a goal with this shirt since the semifinal of the World Cup against Croatia.

Copa América 2024 – Argentina Canada – The second one-on-one that Messi failed against Canada

The clock showed minute 64 when Ten had the first of their clear chances to convert. A long ball from Dibu Martínez left him one-on-one with Derek Cornelius, whom he beat in speed and then finished crosswise. The shot was saved by Crépeau and the Argentine had revenge by capturing the rebound, but his shot was blocked by an opponent.

At 78, he was once again face to face with Crépeau after a clearance by Lisandro Martínez. However, this time his subtle touch opened too much and the Flea regretted it with his face pressed to the grass.

Then, for a few moments he caused concern by having to be assisted for a blow to his right ankle after an infraction by Moise Bombito.

Copa América 2024 – Argentina Canada – Moisé Bombito’s brutal kick to Messi

Messi was going to round off his outstanding performance with another fundamental intervention. In this case, he received in a link position and filtered a pass to leave Lautaro Martínez alone against Crépeau. El Toro defined with solvency and made it 2-0 that settled the result.

Before referee Jesús Valenzuela whistled the final whistle, there was time for a free kick that generated expectations and provoked euphoria from the public, but the execution crashed into the barrier.

“We have the patience to have the ball, move it from one side to the other, we have been doing it for a long time. Sometimes it is difficult to find spaces and we have to try to have patience and control until we have our opportunity,” Leo said before leaving the playing field.

The next match of the Argentine team will be next Tuesday against Chile from 10 p.m. (Argentine time).

Lionel Messi’s word after the game against Canada

Later, at a press conference, La Pulga analyzed the match in greater depth and, like Scaloni and several of his teammates, repudiated the state of the playing field.

“We knew it was going to be a difficult selection, with fast and intense players. The field didn’t help much either and it was an accumulation of things that made the game difficult. The important thing is that we start by winning.”

“What was seen (in the second half) was the attempt to change to the line of three for the start. Finding spaces between lines that we were not finding. We were lucky to score the goal, it continued to cost us but it changed the game. It gave us peace of mind and we had plenty of situations to convert.”

“The playing field? We always try the same regardless of the state of the fields, it is our way of playing, but it is true that it got very complicated. First because they closed the spaces well and we had to be very precise. With the court like that you needed a little more time, that’s why it cost us a little more.”

The record for the largest attendances: “Same as always. Happy to be able to continue being and continue participating in one more official competition in the National Team. I am not one to focus on these types of records or any, I simply enjoy this Copa América. We will try to give our best, playing better or worse, but always give our best and fight every game.”

“Thinking about it now, I should have finished hard and tried something else, but it came out at that moment and I was unlucky enough that it hit him right on the head. I had that and a few more, but the important thing is that he won and beyond the fact that we are not completely satisfied with the game, the important thing is that we started by winning.”

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