Mehr Eliezer answers why he takes photos and videos crying

Mehr Eliezer answers why he takes photos and videos crying

In a world in which social networks have become a breeding ground For those who seek to show perfect lives, relationships, jobs and friendships, there are more and more influencers like the former Miss Panama Universe, Mehr Eliezer, who seek to show themselves as they are.

This way of managing her social networks has made her a target of constant criticismeither because she decided to show her abdomen, for having gained weight or for showing herself crying in her monthly photo dump.

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Regarding the latter, Eliezer wanted to respond to those who criticize and mock her, to those who claim that he likes to victimize himself and that he doesn’t know what to do to get attention.

“For those who ask me why I take photos of myself crying hahahahaha, so that you know that it is normal to not always feel good,” he assured in his Instagram stories.

At the same time, He sent a lot of light to those people: “I hope you can heal from the battles that only you know you have”he finished.

Several years, Mehr runs a campaign against the use of filters on social networks.

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