Mavs’ Miracle: Nowitzki Acknowledges “Life-Saving” Event in NBA Finals

Mavs’ Miracle: Nowitzki Acknowledges “Life-Saving” Event in NBA Finals

Nowitzki acknowledges “life-saving” event for the Mavs

Dallas Mavericks escaped the highest penalty in the NBA Finals against Boston Celtics, aim for an unusual comeback: While Dirk Nowitzki sat back early in the fourth quarter of the fourth round NBA Finals game against the Boston Celtics, he watched the “miraculous” performance of the Dallas Mavericks during the NBA Finals game against the Boston Celtics. According to the legendary German basketball player speaking on ESPN: “The last thing you want is for the opponents to celebrate their championship on your home court.”

escaped the maximum penalty, hoping for an impressive revival: Dallas won with an impressive 122-84 home victory and led by 48 points at halftime. Dallas took the ball from the Celtics, who were leading 3-1 in the best-of-seven series and could win their 18th title on Thursday night. Although no team has ever converted a 3-0 deficit in the playoffs, the third-best Finals winning record in the NBA suggested progress.

“We’re just focusing on one game at a time, trying to gain momentum from each game and win the next game in Boston and extend the series,” Nowitzki said after the Mavs’ first Finals victory since June 12, 2011. “We’re sticking together, we can do it,” said Mavs top player Luka Doncic. “The Celtics have to give up. But that’s very challenging when the opponent has nothing left to lose. We saw that today.” Coach Jason Kidd, a 2011 champion with the Mavs, agreed with the Mavs players.

was clear at halftime: Dallas led 61:35 and continued to play faster, securing the win early. The top scorers for the Mavs were Luka Doncic (29 points) and Kyrie Irving (21), while German forward Maxi Kleber grabbed five rebounds. Jayson Tatum scored 15 points for the slow-playing Celtics.

No other NBA Finals game has seen more points scored than this one (96-54 Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz in 1998 and 131-92 Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers in 2008). Both the Celtics and Lakers share the NBA record with 17 titles. If they are to continue to hold it, the Mavericks will aim to change that.

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