Matveï Safonov on competition at PSG: “I don’t see myself as a number 2”

Matveï Safonov on competition at PSG: “I don’t see myself as a number 2”

Despite the departure of Keylor Navas, the battle for the starting position in the PSG cage has not evaporated. Recruited for around 20 million euros, goalkeeper Matveï Safonov (25 years old) has clearly revealed his ambitions within the capital club. In a YouTube video with journalist Nobel Arustamyan released on Thursday, he said: “Being PSG’s No. 2 goalkeeper? I do not understand that. No one ever told me I was number 2. I come to Paris to fight. I want to play football. Even if they had told me I was number 2, I wouldn’t have listened to them. It’s up to me to give the best of myself. I don’t see myself as a number 2. I don’t want to be a replacement player. »

At the time of his signing, PSG assured him a status of number 1 bis, in the desire to bring in competition. The Russian international (14 caps) takes his situation in the national team as an example: “I was a substitute in the first match, then I became the number 1 goalkeeper. I have always been number 1 until now. I can’t be a replacement. These are all prejudices. It doesn’t depend on where you come from… I understand. I am Russian and no one knows me here in France. Maybe they don’t plan to put me number 1 right away yet. But I believe in it. »

The 25-year-old former Krasnodar goalkeeper added: “If they put me as number 2, it won’t be easy for number 1… I’m going to fight with him constantly. I have never lost a competition. I have always been the number 1 goalkeeper. In Krasnodar, I have always been the number 1.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma, executive of the Nazionale and excellent with his selection during the Euro, proved that his status as a starter would also be difficult to question.


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