Marta García catches the bronze that García-Caro missed, Spain’s first medal

Marta García catches the bronze that García-Caro missed, Spain’s first medal

The Spanish athlete Marta García won the bronze medal this Friday in the 5,000 meters of the European Championships which is being held in Rome, in a first day that had the bitter slip of Laura García-Caro, fourth in the 20 kilometer walk, and Belén Toimil’s fifth place in weight.

García gave Spain its first medal in the Italian event, a month and a half before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in a spectacular last race of the opening day. The Leonese alleviated the bitter taste left by García-Caro, who lost the podium in the last meter, precisely with a tremendous final sprint.

Thus, after the gold of the Italian Nadia Battocletti and the silver of the Norwegian Karoline Grovdal, Marta appeared in extremis to surpass the Dutch Maureen Koster and thus achieve her first international medal. Besides, The Leonese woman broke the Spanish record with her mark of 14:44.04which was in the possession of Julia Vaquero since 1996 (14:44.95).

At the beginning of the afternoon session, García-Caro had a great race, very close in the lead, as a clear candidate for the podium, but she did not notice the comeback of the Ukrainian Liudmila Olianovska in the last 100 meters already in the Olympic Stadium of Rome. The 29-year-old Andalusian came to pick up a Spanish flag to face the final stretch, savoring the greatest success of her career, but when she raised her smiling arm she saw Olianovska pass on her right just two steps from the finish line.

The gold and silver went to the Italians Antonella Palmisano and Valentina Trapletti. As for the rest of the Spanish women, Cristina Montesinos was sixth and Raquel González could only be ninth.

“Disappointed at having lost the bronze at the last moment. I saw that it was close, in the 100 I saw it further away and I thought it didn’t catch me and it caught me. Thanks to all the people who are always pushing me. Over time I will value being here again,” said García-Caro in statements provided by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), collected by Europa Press.

On the other hand, in the other final with Spanish representation at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Belén Toimil was on the podium for much of the contest, with 18.43but in the last two launches it was relegated to fifth continental place, the best performance ever for Spain in a European Championship in this event.

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