Marta Arce: The Superwoman Representing Spain at the Paralympic Games

Marta Arce: The Superwoman Representing Spain at the Paralympic Games

Superwoman does not wear a blue and red suit with a red skirt and cape. She puts on a judogi. He or she puts on clothes to be at home and take care of her three children. He or she gives lectures to talk about change management, leadership, and error management. Many people listen to her, including senior managers.

Superwoman studied physical therapy. And she speaks English, Italian and Japanese. She is also a Paralympic medalist, and World and European champion in judo. And all this despite the ocular-cutaneous albinism that left him with 10% of his vision from birth.

There are many Superwomen in the world. This one is called Marta Arce. And she doesn’t complain about what she doesn’t have. She fights for what she wants.

The woman from Valladolid will be the flag bearer of Spain at the Paralympic Games that begin on August 28 in Paris. She answers this newspaper by phone in the middle of the family whirlwind, with her children fluttering around the house, at the usual volume of childish conversation. Marta’s powers of conviction are immediately proven. “Give me a second while I put on my headphones and put order.” She negotiates a temporary silence with her children. She never hears a fly again.

The judoka is moved by the recognition she received. «It is a very great pride, something exciting. She knew that she was in the pools but it was something that had to be resolved in the Executive. I could be affected by age and career, but there are many wonderful and spectacular colleagues who had the same possibilities and also deserved it. It has been a very, very gratifying surprise because, really, it didn’t occur to me that it could be me. So the illusion is double.”

The international medalist believes that the moment she carries the flag, emotion will flow. «What makes the Games special are things like the opening ceremony. I’ve been to all of them and I love it. You can compete on the tatami in any championship, but living with athletes from multiple specialties, so many different countries and so many different realities is unique.”

Valladolid Newspaper / El Mundo

Marta Arce has been a Paralympian since 2004, when she won silver in Athens. At 47 years old, she wants to get back on the podium that she also won in Beijing 2008 (silver) and London 2012 (bronze). She was not in Rio 2016 due to her motherhood, but she returned in Tokyo 2020 (held in 2021) with her three children, to be fifth.

«I have a chance of a medal, but it is not going to be easy. So many factors come into play: the day you have, the draw, the flow (sensations) of that moment. But I’m there, I’m fourth in the world ranking and this news of being the standard bearer gives me one more boost to go all out and get the medal.”

Marta reveals that she is not training anymore, but because she has not stopped for years. «We have been through a tremendously exhausting cycle from a mental point of view. We have had a World Grand Prix, a European Grand Prix, Nationals… Every six or eight weeks since 2022 we have not had a break of two or three months without competing, which allows you to stop for fifteen days altogether. So we really want to give this final push, for the Paris event to arrive, and to rest.

When judoka refers to training, the word can be capitalized. «I am there from Monday to Friday for three and a half to four and a half hours a day. I rest on the weekends. And sometimes I skip a morning or afternoon session because it’s a lot of work and I’m not 20 years old anymore, like María, who is who I train with,” she explains with a laugh.

The Valladolid native has many things going on in her daily life: mother, elite athlete, physiotherapist, motivational coach and more. Where does she find the time? “Sometimes I can’t and I feel a little overwhelmed, but I end up finding time. I go around with the clock glued to my butt. It’s true that at home I share all the tasks and responsibilities with my boyfriend.”

Marta lives in Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid) and does not escape to Valladolid as much as she would like. «We have my mother-in-law there. The children want to see their grandmother and they don’t forgive that. “I’m sure we’ll go up soon some weekend.”

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