Madrid wins its 37th League and seals the third national treble

Madrid wins its 37th League and seals the third national treble

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 22:44 | Updated 11:17 p.m.


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Real Madrid won its 37th League this Wednesday against UCAM, the seventh in the last twelve editions, to seal the white team’s third national treble after having won the Super Cup, also in Murcia, and the Cup, in Malaga. Real Madrid’s season has only been marred by the painful Euroleague final lost in Berlin against Panathinaikos, because all the ACB titles have been theirs, the first in the regularity tournament for Chus Mateo and the last for eternal Rudy Fernández, who will retire after the Paris Games and lifted the champion trophy after his last game with the white shirt.

In the first League final in its history, Murcia fell as expected against Real Madrid 3-0, but said goodbye with pride after starring in the great surprise in the quarterfinals against Valencia and dealing an even greater blow in the semifinals against Unicaja, the leader of the regular season. In front of their fans, Sito Alonso’s UCAM could not beat the powerful either, although he was alive until midway through the third quarter and did not want to give up even when the whites gave him four consecutive triples when they were going through a very bad moment and took command again to sentence the final with a devastating partial of 16-34. In that third period, Madrid, led by the triplet formed by Campazzo, Musa and Hezonja, overwhelmed Murcia, and there the UCAM dream ended, precisely on the birthday of Sergio Rodríguez, whom the champion did not need to meet the forecasts.

In that third quarter, there were no less than 18 points ahead of Madrid that made us forget the bad first half of the whites, in which the great favorite then paid for its numerous losses (ten) and suffered under the pressure, mobility and courage from UCAM Murcia. However, with such a difference in class and bench compared to such a modest but very worthy rival, the white team was just waiting for its moment and improving the terrible outside percentage it had in the first half, 27%, with 3 of 11 successes. in triples, to win the Endesa League two years later.

UCAM Murcia

Caupain (2), Ennis (18), Rodions Kurucs (8), Sleva (12) and Diagné (2) -initial quintet-. Sant-Roos (10), Radovic (5), Radebaugh (10), Hakanson (2) and Morin (4).



Real Madrid

Campazzo (13), Causeur (4), Musa (18), Hezonja (17) and Tavares (2) -quinteto initial-. Rudy Fernández (-), Abalde (8), Sergio Rodríguez (2), Poirier (7), Llull (9) and Yabusele (4).

Partials: 19-17, 21-15, 16-34 and 17-18.

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Perea and Olivares. Eliminated: Djané and Morin.

Incidents: Third match of the final of the ACB League 2023-2024, played at the Palacio de Deportes de Murcia. 7,500 spectators.

If UCAM had played much better than Madrid in that first period and the hosts only won by eight (40-32), led by Ennis, while Campazzo and Tavares, fundamental pillars of the visitors, went unnoticed, logic led one to think in that as soon as Chus Mateo’s team hit the accelerator and hit from a distance, the opponent was not going to have a choice. And in one of its characteristic attacks, Real Madrid mercilessly passed over UCAM in the last minutes of a third quarter that were the grave of the Murcian team, whose physical and daring basketball succumbed to talent and experience, as it could not be otherwise given such a difference in level and resources between one team and another.

There he definitively opened the way to achieving an ACB treble like the one he previously achieved twice, in 1985 and 2015, when Real Madrid marked a milestone with all the trophies that were at stake, including the European Cup. This year the possibility of emulating that feat before fighting disappeared, in a very unbalanced fight for the League against the rookie UCAM, for which having reached the grand final is almost a title. Real Madrid’s obstacle was already insurmountable for this Murcia team that earned the right to dream and made its fans enjoy it like never before with its unexpected away victories at La Fonteta and Carpena. And since Murcia never wanted to give up, their fans bid farewell to this UCAM who only bowed the knee against the best team.

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