Luka Doncic Faces Tough Decision on Olympic Participation After Playoff Grind

Luka Doncic Faces Tough Decision on Olympic Participation After Playoff Grind

Luka Doncic has been the player who has played the most minutes in the NBA playoffs: 899 in 22 games, at an average of 40.9. To them we must add the 2,624 that he had in the regular season over 70 games, which offers an average of 37.5, the second highest in the competition only behind DeMar De Rozan. The wear and tear on the Mavericks point guard has been enormous and his body has noticed it.

In the final he was seen touched in various parts of his anatomy, he has been a doubt in some games and has had problems in a right knee and left ankle in addition to suffering a blow to the thorax. Ice bags and bandages were his inseparable companions before and after matches or as soon as he went to the bench to take a break.

With that panorama, Few players would have doubts about what to do in the summer: take care of their body. But it turns out that there are Olympic Games and that Doncic has always had a great commitment to his national team, which has included him in the preselection. So, whether he rests remains to be seen. The Pre-Olympic, to which Slovenia will attend, begins on June 2, only 14 days after the fifth game of the final against the Celtics, and the point guard wants to be there even if that means putting his physique at risk. Another thing is that he arrives.

Pending your medical history

“I have decisions to make, how to gain health”said the Mavericks prodigy, who gave himself a short period of time to answer the question of whether he would be there. In the team they handle any scenario. “I don’t think anyone can blame him, especially after such a tough season. If you need to rest, you should.”assures his partner Vlatko Cankar. “We have to understand the decision that Luka makes. He never said he would not play for the national team, but it depends on his medical history and we don’t know what his condition is,” he says. coach Aleksandar Sekulic.

To Doncic’s physical condition, which will be the key factor in his decision, we must add the pressure he may receive from the Mavericks. It is likely that the franchise does not like taking risks with his star, one of the best players in the NBA who, after being included in the best quintet of the competition, He can sign a contract extension for almost 350 million dollars in the summer of 2025. That relationship for five seasons would lead him to earn $78.8 million in the 2030-31 financial year.

Doncic’s absence would be a very hard blow for Slovenia which has been framed in a very tough Pre-Olympic that will be held in Piraeus. Your team will be measured at Croatia and New Zealand in the first phase and then they would have to do with Egypt, Dominican Republic or host Greecewith Giannis Antetokounmpo but without Kostas Sloukas, in semifinals. Only the champion of that tournament will get a ticket for the Olympic event in Paris.

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