Lorenzo’s pending, the Lautaro-Dybala pair makes the fans dream, Ibra snubs Conte and Thiago Motta goes to the supermarket

Lorenzo’s pending, the Lautaro-Dybala pair makes the fans dream, Ibra snubs Conte and Thiago Motta goes to the supermarket

With the European Championship now upon us, the transfer market will take a pause for reflection, but not too long because the competition of the national teams risks causing the prices of normal players to skyrocket, which in the space of a few weeks will become a good excuse to go on shopping sprees even in summer.

The target of the fans

In Italy, however, you will save with foresight, the offers department is always the most popular one, like in the supermarket where the red stickers attract the crowd. Giovanni Di Lorenzo after the European Championship he will tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. The player’s outburst Napoli since the withdrawal of the national team is more than justified, as captain of the Scudetto he has become the favorite target of some fans. Then if he really goes to the Juventusthen it’s another story.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo – Ph Sportmediaset

Lucca is fashionable, but 15 million are needed

Lorenzo Lucca did not satisfy the fansUdinese but half of Serie A likes him. Palladino would gladly put him at the center of his team’s attack Fiorentina, Udinese, however, is asking for at least 15 million euros for a striker who seems to have a market only within national borders. The Viola would like to pull the string even though there is a risk of it tearing.

Lorenzo Lucca – Photo by Lazio News 24

The Dybala-Lautaro couple is poetry

Roma is preparing to lose Romelu Lukaku that he is preparing to follow Antonio Conte. The rumors about the farewell of Paulo Dybala but they are the ones that generate the most tension, theInter sooner or later it will be in Dybala’s future and vice versa, at least that’s what the Nerazzurri fans say, who have always admired that curling shot and those socks pulled down by the professional attacking midfielder of yesteryear. Maybe they are just rumors, but in Milan in their bedrooms the children play ball risking breaking the brand new chandelier, they celebrate with the Dybala Mask and dream of an all-Argentine couple with Lautaro. Poetry.

Lautaro Martinez and Paulo Dybala – Ph Tuttosport

Ibra approves Fonseca and not Conte, a manager was not needed

Il Milan Of Fonseca chases the first effective market coup, Joshua Zirkee It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. The Milan fans are calling him loudly, and there are those who even think that he is the heir of Lion courted by PSG. Perverse market entanglements or possible future projections? And speaking of Fonseca, woe betide if any fan still has Conte’s poster in their room, Ibra explained to people that Milan were looking for a coach and not a manager, with all due respect to Conte. Statements that cause and will cause discussion.

Paulo Fonseca (Ph Facebook)

Thiago’s spending

The Juventus Of Thiago Motta instead he goes wild like nostalgic people at an evening Rock and Rollthe Bianconeri are nostalgic for victories and so they focus on it Douglas Luizthen they will turn up Mason Grenwood and finally they will try to deal with theHe will faint per Teun Koopmeinersthe new Mister arrived under the Mole with the shopping dispute.

Thiago Motta – Ph Facebook

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