LIVE – Belgium-Slovakia: The Red Devils trailing and suffering

LIVE – Belgium-Slovakia: The Red Devils trailing and suffering

The Belgians begin their Euro against the Slovaks in Frankfurt. Favorites of group E, the Tedesco players must wash away the insult of the last World Cup.


Corner for Slovakia! (1-0, 37′)

Following a good sequence from the Slovaks, the Belgian defense panicked and conceded an avoidable corner, which achieved nothing.


What a pass from De Bruyne! (1-0, 34′)

De Bruyne opens the play magnificently towards Doku, who hits but completely misses his cross. The following corner does nothing for the Red Devils.


Lots of inaccuracies for Belgium! (1-0, 32′)

Nice sequence from the Belgians who recover the balls higher up. However, it lacks precision in the last gesture to be truly dangerous.


Mangala’s sole! (1-0, 29′)

Big sole from Mangala on Haraslin. The Belgian midfielder receives a yellow card.


Foul on Trossard! (1-0, 27′)

Big foul from behind by Pekarik on Trossard. The box wasn’t far away.


The Belgians calm things down! (1-0, 25′)

The Red Devils keep the ball and slow down the pace of the match. However, they did not create any chances and seemed asleep in this first half.


Trossard’s lob! (1-0, 21′)

Dubravka makes a recovery error and Trossard attempts the lob from 30 meters. Unfortunately that misses the mark.


Slovakia plays without complexes! (1-0, 18′)

The Slovaks are completely uninhibited at the start of the match. They manage to pose big problems for the Red Devils collective thanks to high pressing.


Doku’s strike! (1-0, 15′)

Doku dribbles down the right side and follows up with a left shot. Headed by a defender.


Free kick for De Bruyne! (1-0 13′)

The Belgians get a good free kick in the Slovak camp but De Bruyne lacks details. Goal kick.


The Belgian defense is feverish! (1-0 10′)

The Belgian defenders are not reassuring at the start of the match. Slovakia creates many situations for itself.


And Slovakia’s goal! (1-0, 7′)

The Belgians make a mistake with their ball release, the ball first comes back to Kucka who hits. Casteels makes a good save but puts the ball back on Schranz who finishes from the right. Incredible start to the match!


Another opportunity for Lukaku! (5′)

The Belgian striker is launched in depth but makes the wrong choice in his 1 against 1. Second duel won by Dubravka, who takes a psychological advantage.


What an opportunity for Lukaku! (2′)

After a huge rush from Doku, the winger crosses for De Bruyne, who deflects for Lukaku. Number 9 unfortunately comes up against Dubravka. Big first opportunity for Belgium!


Let’s go !

The kick-off is given by Slovak striker Bozenik!


The teams are entering the field!

The two eleven enter the field of the Frankfurt Arena in Frankfurt. Time for hymns!

This match will be officiated by the Turkish referee, Halil Umut Meler.


Belgium in the unknown with its golden generation on the decline

It has been a long time since the Belgians started a major competition without being among the favorites. We probably have to go back to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which marked the great return of the Red Devils on the international scene and the advent of Hazard, De Bruyne, Courtois, Lukaku and other Witsels.

Euro 2024: Belgium in the unknown with its golden generation on the decline


Slovakia’s XI!

The team composition of Slovakia: Dubravka, Pekarik, Skriniar, Vavro, Hancko, Kucka, Lobotcka, Duda, Haraslin, Bozenik, Schranz.


The Red Devils XI!

Belgium’s team composition: Casteels, Castagne, Faes, Debast, Carrasco, Mangala, Onana, De Bruyne, Trossard, Doku, Lukaku.


Welcome to this live!

Hello everyone and welcome to Le Figaro to follow live commentary on the second match of Group E of Euro 2024, which pits Belgium against Slovakia. Kick-off at 6 p.m. at the Frankfurt Arena in Frankfurt.

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