Lamine Yamal: The Youngest European Championship Debutant and Assistant Makes History

Lamine Yamal: The Youngest European Championship Debutant and Assistant Makes History

Lamine Yamal entered the history books yesterday. At the tender age of 16, he is the youngest European Championship debutant and assistant. Filip Joos was a privileged witness of the event yesterday. “He was good, although I think: if only he was right-footed on the left flank,” our commentator shares his view in That’s fussball.

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Filip Joos, who provided commentary for Spain – Croatia, will give his view on the “good” match. “Although 3-0 didn’t really reflect the image of the match.”

He also witnessed the youngest debutant and assist provider at a European Championship ever: Lamine Yamal.

“Yamal was good, but not worldly. If he weren’t 16 years old, we wouldn’t talk about it in so much detail. But okay, he was good,” says Joos.

“Although I think: if only he were right-footed on the left flank. Then the comparison with Messi would be less significant. You can’t escape that now.”

The comparison between Yamal and Messi is a bit like Casteels and Courtois.

Philip Joos

Mirroring the emerging talent with one of the greatest. It is a trap that even a seasoned football animal like Joos (almost) falls into.

“Yamal has now played 51 games for Barcelona, ​​Messi’s statistics were slightly better after that number,” he continues.

“I wrote it down in a notebook, but then I thought, ‘No, don’t do it.’ I left the notebook in my hotel, so I couldn’t say it. I’m actually glad about that.”

That’s for an obvious reason: “It’s like Casteels and Courtois, you know.”

“You’re also going to say something about that, while it’s actually over. You can’t stop talking about it. But let the players be who they are. Casteels’ shadow is Courtois and he is gigantic. Yamal’s is Messi, it is much bigger,” Joos concludes.

Spain top favorite after good opener?

Did our commentator see a top favorite at work for the overall victory yesterday?

“It is far too early to conclude anything about Spain,” Joos holds off. “I didn’t think Le Normand were great at the back. They gave away a lot of chances in defense.”

“Spain has a great midfield, especially Rodri. Fabian Ruiz – who is usually drawling – also gave a great ball and scored immediately afterwards.”

“Of course Spain will be close, but these are run-in matches for those men.”


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