Lakers Coaching Search: Hurley’s Rejection and Redick’s Emergence

Lakers Coaching Search: Hurley’s Rejection and Redick’s Emergence

The new direction of the Lakers is slow to start. The first tile to be placed would be that of the coach, but the name of Ham’s successor is still being evaluated. The profile initially identified was that of Dan Hurley, but the Connecticut coach refused.

Lakers, Hurley’s rejection

Two-time NCAA title-winning coach Dan Hurley has rejected the Lakers’ bench. A prestigious and economically very profitable offer, with a six-year contract worth a total of 70 million dollars. The reasons for the refusal are not known, but can only be guessed. The coach has a particularly rigid character, probably not suited to managing a group of established players; we could also hypothesize a three-way attempt. If successful next season, Hurley would be the first coach to win three consecutive NCAA championships since the 1960s.

Panchina a JJ Redick?

Barring last minute surprises, two names remain in the running. The first is that of JJ Redick; the second, however, is the former Hornets Borrego. The former has no experience as a coach having recently retired, but he is a very good friend of Lebron, so much so that they share a podcast together: this could prove to be an important key in managing a locker room like that of the Lakers. Borrego, on the other hand, has several requests, but would gladly give priority to the yellow and purple, who also boast a former player from his time with the Pelicans, Anthony Davis, in their squad.

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