Kyrie Irving Breaks Curse with First Victory Against Boston Since 2021

Kyrie Irving Breaks Curse with First Victory Against Boston Since 2021

Curse finally broken for Kyrie Irving, who – during the night – achieved his first victory against Boston since 2021, the date on which he beat the Celtics when he was still wearing the Brooklyn Nets jersey. Three years have passed since that moment and, finally, the point guard can now savor the taste of victory against them again: 1-13 the distant record for 2021.

Recall that Irving left Boston in 2019, not without controversy. From that moment on, every confrontation with the green and white fans has always been surrounded by boos and controversies against the player. Down 3-1 in the 2024 NBA Finals, Dallas will now have to return to the TD Garden where Irving will once again cross paths with the Massachusetts fans. And it will once again be an appointment to take into consideration.

Bob Cousy’s words against Irving: “He’s not a star”

In the meantime, too Bob Cousy entered into the controversy between Boston and Irving, attacking the point guard directly of the Texan team, labeling him as a very normal player and not at the level of an NBA star:

“The Celtics are demonstrating that Irving is not a superstar: they don’t even double him and he is still struggling a lot. He is no longer a superstar, to belong to that category you have to prove it in the playoffs.”

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