Kylian Mbappé’s Mask Dilemma: The Soap Opera Continues in the Euro

Kylian Mbappé’s Mask Dilemma: The Soap Opera Continues in the Euro

Since this 85th minute of the match against Austria and the shock which broke Kylian Mbappé’s nose, the Euro has entered a soap opera which is likely to last for a few more days. This Thursday evening’s episode, during which we saw the player wearing a mask for the first time in training, is no longer the latest.

Because Mbappé will not be able to wear this mask in the colors of France in competition. Article 42 of the UEFA regulations stipulates that “medical equipment worn on the playing field must be of a solid color and must not show any identification of the team or manufacturer.”

If he plays against the Netherlands this Friday evening (at 9 p.m.), Mbappé will therefore have to do so with a plain mask and without distinctive signs. Exit, therefore, the French rooster and – at least – two of the three colors of the French flag.

An unlikely tenure

Even if Didier Deschamps announced in recent hours that “Everything is going in the right direction”, doubt remains as to whether he will start during the shock of this group D. According to our colleagues from L’Equipe, the triple scorer in the last final of World Cup will start, at best, on the bench: “In this context, and while his withdrawal was already recorded internally on Tuesday, the bluff hypothesis seemed the most plausible and the attacker will not start according to our information. ”

It must be said that the person concerned did not take the slightest risk during the last two training sessions. This Thursday, we felt he was uncomfortable with this mask, spending more time adjusting it than kicking the ball. He avoided any interaction with his teammates, to avoid contact. And just made a few shots and volleys. These are definitely not the expected signals from someone who has to play a high-level match.

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