Krejci, a record signing

Krejci, a record signing

Girona paid last summer seven and a half million al Dnipro for 75% of the rights d’Artem Dovbyk. The Ukrainian forward was, then, a great unknown for the white-and-red fans who saw how the club made the strongest investment in its history. Some money that immediately began to see that it was well invested. In fact, even the seven and a half million have ended up being a bargain because Dovbyk has been the top scorer in the First Division and a decisive player for the best season in the history of the Girona team. Even more so, because, logically, the performance of the Ukrainian has attracted the attention of the big continental clubs and Atlético de MadridNaples or Arsenal they have begun to tempt the ground for a possible transfer. Of course, Girona is clear that whoever wants him will have to unload heavily and get very close to a termination clause between forty and fifty million. Of course, it will be necessary to see what percentage will end up in Montilivi because both the Dnipro and the Central Jutland they still retain a percentage of the player’s rights and a future sale.

Dovbyk cost seven and a half million euros last summer / Marc Martí Font

Whether he is sold or not, the reality is that Dovbyk has come cheap to Girona. The seven and a half million (six for Dnipro and one and a half for Midtjylland) was a millionaire operation for a club that until last summer the highest figure it had paid for a player was five million. This is what they cost Tsygankov (Dinamo), Mojica (Rayo) and Muniesa (Stoke) while six would be paid for Solis. In this sense, on Friday Girona announced the signing of Ladislav Krejci from Sparta Prague. The versatile Czech player, 24 years old, lands in Montilivi in ​​exchange for ten million euros, plus a couple of other variables. An amount that breaks the ceiling established by Dovbyk and that demonstrates the new dimension in which Girona has entered. The sale of Aleix Garcia to Bayer Leverkusen, for eighteen million plus two variables, confirms the new world of dizzying figures in which Girona now moves.

The bet for Krecji is very strong. With Dovbyk it was and now the club is back with a player who, surely, has a bit more profile and whom the fans will be able to see live during the European Cup. In this sense, Krejci’s reports from Girona’s technical secretariat were unbeatable and advised his signing already last winter. We had to wait and now Krejci even knows Montilivi.

Krejci, therefore, becomes the most expensive signing in the history of Girona. In recent years, the club has taken a step forward in this regard and, without going any further, spent a good chunk of money on signings last summer. Not only with Dovbyk but also with John Solis. Girona paid for the Colombiansix million euros to Atlético Nacional. In addition, Getafe was also paid for Port approximately one and a half million euros and almost two million in Villarreal to stay Ivan Martin in property Six months before, the club had paid five million to the kyiv Dynamo by Viktor Tsygankov and in the summer of 2022, four in Madrid for 50% of the rights of Miguel Gutierrez. In this case, the operation included that half of a hypothetical future transfer would go to the Ukrainian entity.

All these figures, plus the filings ofStuaniChoco Lozano, Gallar, Samu Saiz the Gumbau, which moved between half a million and three, are out of step with the Krecji operation. Even more so, because if everything goes as it should, the Czech will not be labeled as the most expensive player in Girona’s history. And the fact is that the club has the incorporation of the young Uruguayan on track Luciano Rodriguezfor whom he would pay about fourteen million euros a Liverpool de Montevideo pel 75% of their rights. A dance of numbers that excites the fans of Girona even more these days and that enjoys the growth of a club that next year will compete with the best in the Champions League.

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