Keys to England in the Euro Cup: Harry Kane, the leader of an eternal favorite that does not finish | Euro Cup Germany 2024

Keys to England in the Euro Cup: Harry Kane, the leader of an eternal favorite that does not finish |  Euro Cup Germany 2024

Let the psychodrama begin. England is the best team in the world. It would be a great betrayal if they did not win Euro 2024. It would be because they did not do what they should. It would be because the players once took a knee. But also, who else is worried about the lack of available left-backs or the problematic third position in midfield? One moment. Will England even make it through the group stage? Why are all the defenders injured? Has the coach seen Harry Winks play last season?

Opinions veer towards extremes when it comes to evaluating England before a tournament. The truth is that they are probably the second best team in Europe. A possible reunion with France, who eliminated England from the 2022 World Cup, would be fascinating. England came very close to winning that quarterfinal match in Qatar. They could have passed if Harry Kane managed to score the second penalty.

The margins are as narrow as possible. England should have won Euro 2020, but caution proved to be their downfall as they lost on penalties to Italy in the final. Since then, the team has improved. In the qualifying phase, they easily beat Italy and Ukraine, and have great attacking talent. Kane will be backed up by Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden, with Declan Rice monitoring the midfield. Cole Palmer could be there if a penalty needs to be taken.

However, the usual doubts persist. England’s main left-back Luke Shaw has missed much of the season. The defense could be vulnerable against elite opponents. The right balance in midfield remains elusive, and Southgate has yet to prove that he has the tactical ability to win a decisive match. The idea that they can take a walk to the trophy is nothing more than another example of the usual exaggerated optimism.

The selector

This could be Gareth Southgate’s last chance to do something big. His contract expires in December and he almost left after the last World Cup. Maybe he can have a glorious farewell. Maybe he will leave it after another elimination in the quarterfinals. Maybe he’ll just keep the FA happy by staying until the 2026 World Cup. The FA won’t want Southgate to leave. There are legitimate doubts about his tactics, and he appears to be unaware of what a certain Manchester United centre-back is capable of, but the 53-year-old remains an asset for England. In other times, players had a horror of international commitments. Southgate, a constant beacon of calm, dignity and intelligence, has been able to turn the concentrations into a happy place.

The icon

“He has an incredible mentality,” Southgate says of Jude Bellingham, the 20-year-old superstar who has spent the season wreaking havoc with Real Madrid. Many crucial goals, a good number of MVP performances, his first Champions League: not a bad way to announce yourself after signing for the biggest club in the world for 103 million euros. “For us, he is obviously the best,” says his Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, although it remains to be seen if Bellingham can lead his country to glory. There is some concern about his hints of bad character. Let’s hope Bellingham doesn’t have to take a shower soon after a mistimed stomp on a winking Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Player to follow

Kobbie Mainoo’s pulse did not tremble when he made his senior debut against Belgium in March. The 19-year-old midfielder calmly kept possession and was one of Manchester United’s positive points last season, even scoring one of the goals in the victory against Manchester City in the FA Cup final. a special paste to shine on such an occasion. In comparison, England should be a piece of cake. “He absorbs everything,” Southgate said in March. “You talk to him about tactics and he gets all the concepts. He seems comfortable with the ball and when he receives in small spaces.”

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The nonconformist

All roads would have pointed to Grealish, City’s peculiar winger, who already showed signs of his self-confidence in the celebrations with his team. But Grealish will not play in the Euro Cup, since he has finally been left out of the squad. Perhaps Bellingham, after his great season at Madrid, winning the League and the Champions League, can take over.

The core

The main elements of the team are familiar. Jordan Pickford has been England’s starter in goal since 2018 and has never let the team down. John Stones is essential in the center of defense. Kyle Walker’s speed at right back is something that cannot be given up and Southgate will not want for anything in the world to think that Harry Kane, England’s captain and all-time top scorer, could get injured. But other players have emerged who also contribute to the team. Declan Rice has become essential in midfield. He recovers balls and allows Bellingham to go up. The worrying thing is that England does not have a replacement for Rice. They’re lucky the man lasts this long.

Probable once inicial

4-3-3 – Jordan Pickford – Kyle Walker, John Stones, Joe Gómez, Luke Shaw – Declan Rice, Conor Gallagher, Jude Bellingham – Bukayo Saka, Harry Kane, Phil Foden

famous fan

No one who saw it can forget the spectacle at half-time during England’s victory over Wales in Qatar. Those present at Janoub Stadium watched in amazement, or perhaps confusion, as the 90s pop star, Chesney Hawkes, performed that song of his. “It’s the first concert I’ve done in a stadium in 30 years,” Hawkes declared before the big show. “It’s just one song and there’s no need to guess what song I’m going to do. Surely I could sing it in my sleep.”

Culinary delight

Something fried, dipped in hot sauce, stuffed into a bun. And yes, with extra cheese. And bacon. Also crispy onion. The typical thing that the Instagram channel Eating With Tod collects. It is bought at a regular stall, and is accompanied with lots of fries, served by a tattooed guy named Milo who repeats the words “My boy.” When you’re done, walk up to a giant screen, buy beer at an inflated price, and throw it at someone when England scores. He can also throw it at someone when England loses on penalties.

This article is a collaboration with The Guardian. Jacob Steinberg is a sports journalist at The Guardian.

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