Key Deliberations on the Agenda for the Caudebec Municipal Council Meeting

Key Deliberations on the Agenda for the Caudebec Municipal Council Meeting


Léane Colin

Published on June 25, 2024 at 9:20 p.m. See my news Follow Le Journal d’Elbeuf

On June 26, 2024, the Caudebec municipal council will meet to vote on a total of 46 important deliberations for the future of the city.

During a press point held at the town hall, Laurent Bonnaterre, the mayor, presented the main subjects that will be debated.

Technical and financial deliberations

The first deliberations will concern technical aspects, including the state of finances for the year 2023, the supplementary budget and decisions relating to human resources. Laurent Bonnaterre underlined: “We experienced a financial downturn due to inflation, but now we are restoring a positive situation. »

After an alert on debt in 2022, management savings were made, and the debt ratio returned to normal, the mayor explained with pride.

Welcoming a delegation of Uzbek judokas

Among important deliberations, the city is preparing to welcome a large delegation of Uzbek judokas.

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This sport, extremely popular in Uzbekistan, will see 12 athletes and their team set up at the Caudebec Dojo before the Paris Olympic Games.

They will train in optimal conditions from July 14 to 27. “We are ready to receive them,” declared the mayor, a commitment which is part of the city’s affiliation with the “Terre de Jeux” label.

Strengthening security

Another deliberation provides for the signing of an agreement between the state police forces and the municipal police.

The objective is to reinforce security and tranquility at night. Given the reduced numbers of the Caudebec municipal police and the lack of resources, coordination with the national police is necessary.

Support for local business

To support local commerce and maintain the dynamism of the city center, the Normandy Chamber of Trades and Crafts offers, as part of its “Transmission of artisanal business” scheme, to support artisan traders in their transmission projects.

The city wishes to finance this aid for artisans struggling to find a buyer, particularly in the catering trades.

It will also provide premises for on-call services at the CCAS in Caudebec.

Creation of the E’ficace internal training school

Finally, the creation of the E’ficace internal training school will be discussed.

This project will allow community agents to receive training adapted to their needs, from their colleagues.

“For example, the municipal police, often involved in town planning matters, will be able to benefit from training in town planning,” explained the mayor.

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