Kenny Atkinson to Lead Cavaliers as Head Coach: From Spain to the NBA

Kenny Atkinson to Lead Cavaliers as Head Coach: From Spain to the NBA

Kenny Atkinson will be the new coach of the Cavaliers. According to ESPN, Steve Kerr’s assistant in the Warriors until now will formalize his contract in the coming days and will occupy the position left by JB Bickerstaff, fired at the end of the season after falling in the second round of the playoffs at the hands of the champion Celtics.

The coach will take charge of one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, with Donovan Mitchell as franchise player and second level swords like Evan Mobley y Jarrett Allen.

Atkinson has Spanish nationality as he is married to a Sevillian woman.. Before starting his life as a coach, he played in Spain, where he arrived in 1993 to He joined Canoe and then played for Vino de Toro de Zamora.. There he even found the opportunity to debut in the ACB, even if it was only three minutes in the 95-96 season.

The Zamorano team was linked to the Salamanca, which during that season had a large number of casualties. Pedro Martínez, then the team’s coach, pulled that 1.85 meter point guard in a game against Caja San Fernando. Atkinson lived a last Spanish stage in Aguas de Calpe before going to Italy, France, Germany and Holland.

Retirement in France and first adventure on the bench

He retired in French club Nantes and His first adventure as an assistant coach was at Racing de Paris. He later held the same position in the Knicks and the Hawks before debut as first coach in the NBA with the Netswhom he coached between 2016 and 2020. His record in Brooklyn was 118-190 and he only managed to get the team into the playoffs once.

After that experience, the technician, who He was also coach of the Dominican Republicthen returned to the background on the NBA benches. He was an assistant in the Clippers and until now he held that same position in the Warriorswith whom he won the ring in 2022. The Cavaliers offer him his second opportunity as head coach.

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