Juliette Labous after her victory at the French Championship: “This one really pleases”

Juliette Labous after her victory at the French Championship: “This one really pleases”

Juliette Labous (dsm-firmenich PostNL, French champion): “I am 5th in the UCI rankings but I don’t have many victories in my record, so this one is really pleasing. It’s the first time I’ve raced correctly in a French Championship, usually I always make mistakes… I tried to attack on the last climb to test my opponents, but Gladys (Verhulst-Wild) followed me and I knew she was the fastest on paper, so I wasn’t confident.

I knew I had to do everything right. In the sprint, I stayed on the right side of the road with the wind and I probably had a little success, but I believed in it until the end. It feels so good to wear this jersey. There are a lot of strong girls in the peloton, it’s not easy to race for victories. It will be a lot of pride to wear this jersey this summer on the women’s Tour de France and at the Paris Games. »

“I said to myself: it’s good, tonight, I’m in blue, white, red…”

Gladys Verhulst-Wild (FDJ-Suez, 2nd in the road race for the 4th time in her career): “To be honest, when I found myself with Juliette (Labous) in the final, I said to myself: it’s is good, tonight I’m in blue white red. I thought nothing could happen to me but she came back in the last 25 meters… I touched this jersey but it’s still not on my shoulders. It’s cruel but I’ll come back. One day it will pay off. I can’t regret anything. This is the race where I had my best feelings this season and I responded. When I started my sprint, I thought: “Don’t give up, it’s okay, I’ve won.” I really saw myself winning… It’s frustrating because I was at home, at home. I will come back next year with the knife between my teeth. »

Jade Wiel (FDJ-Suez, 3rd in the road race): “In the end, I think Gladys (Verhulst-Wild) won, I raise my hand like a puppet (smiles). I’m still a little in the moon. I went to the end of myself. Maybe we should have played a little more with Juliette (Labous) in the finale, we will no doubt replay the film in our heads. I was really borderline, I couldn’t go beyond the pain in my body. It’s a sprint and unfortunately it doesn’t work in our favor. »


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