Juan Núñez: Pending NBA Draft, Agrees to Deal with Barça for Future Seasons

Juan Núñez: Pending NBA Draft, Agrees to Deal with Barça for Future Seasons

Juan Núñez has a closed agreement with Barça for the coming seasonsalthough right now, the former German Ulm player is pending what what happens in the next NBA draft where he has his expectations of going to the NBA in the future or next year.

For now, the player, who has shone in the last two seasons for the German team, wants a change of scenery and given the impossibility of returning to Madrid, has accepted Juan Carlos Navarro’s offer, although conditional on what happens in the draft.

In the latest forecasts, The point guard, only 20 years old, appears in the Denver Nuggets’ choice in 57th placeso his options to make the jump to the NBA seem complicated this season.

One step forward in my career

The player assured recently in a telephone interview with the media that the topic of the draft does not take away much from sleep. “I don’t pay too much attention,” he said while trying out for NBA franchises. “For me, the most important thing is to prove to myself that I have taken a step forward,” he said.

After leaving Ulm, he has not reached an agreement with Madrid and has decided to go to its great rival, Barça / EFE

And the player, who at that moment refused to say that he had an agreement with Barça and only noted that “I want to have a good time wherever I go”, has everything well tied up with the Barça team at the expense of what happens next year. June 26th.

For now, then, There will be no announcement while waiting for what happens in the draft and in the meantime, work with the team preparing the Valencia pre-Olympic where he has a secure position and where the team will fight to be in the Paris Olympic Games.

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