José María Caneda, former president of the SD Compostela, dies

José María Caneda, former president of the SD Compostela, dies

Great consternation and sadness has been caused by the news of the death of José María Caneda at the age of 77 during the early hours of this Monday in Santiago. The one who was president of the SD Compostela in the 90s, the club’s golden era in which it achieved promotion to the First Division, has died after a long and hard fight against cancer.

Born in Compostela Amio parishhis successes at the head of the Esadé led him to become in one of the most charismatic characters of Spanish football. In one of his last interviews granted to the media, Caneda confessed your two most special memories as president:

“There are two games that I will never forget. The first, when we went up to Second. We had to beat Badajoz, who had been group champions, were undefeated in the playoffs and had beaten us four in El Vivero. We put 12,000 people in Santa Isabel, a field of 1,500, and we made 50 million pesetas in cash. And the second, that of promotion to Firstagainst Lightning (at the Carlos Tartiere). The 20,000 people we put in Oviedo there will never be them in Santiago”.

José María Caneda or ‘Presi’, as he still liked to be called, stated at the time that was diagnosed late and who faced the challenge as the most important thing in your life. Now after his death, Santiago, Galician and Spanish football they are dyed in mourning for the loss of a man who put Compostela on the state football map.

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