JJ Redick Named New Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers

JJ Redick Named New Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers

White smoke came out. The Los Angeles Lakers have a new head coach and it’s about JJ Redick. Once announced as the big favorite given his relationship with LeBron James, then relegated to second place after the Lakers forced themselves to recruit Dan Hurley, the former NBA player turned analyst finally convinced the Angelenos.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, JJ Redick will sign for 4 years with the Lakers. The idea is to help him adapt to this new profession, in which he has no other experience than that of having taken care of the team of his son Knox, aged 9 years old. To this end, the Lakers have planned to put together an experienced staff, with proven names in the profession.

It also remains to be seen which squad will coach the former Magic, Clippers or Sixers player. Can he count on LeBron James? Will Rob Pelinka be able to put together a stronger and better balanced squad? Or will he have to make do with this season’s squad and try a different approach than Darvin Ham?

The Lakers in any case have confidence in the human and tactical abilities of JJ Redick, who has effectively shown his knowledge and his ability to communicate effectively with the current generation, as well as with older players, since his retirement.

LeBron James won’t go to Phoenix…at least not at least, even if Bronny is drafted there

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