Italy Shines at European Kata Championship: Wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals

Italy Shines at European Kata Championship: Wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals

The European Kata Championship has ended Sarajevo (BIH) 2024. Italy wins one gold medal, three silver medals and two bronze medals in this year’s top continental competition.

The race was of a very high level, with the largest number of participants in the history of the European Championships, often decided by a handful of points and in some cases by difference in severity of errors in case of equal scores and, it is worth remember, it offered half of the medals from previous years in the Senior category.

Let’s see the results of the finals in detail. In the Senior category the couple Mauro Collini and Tommaso Rondinini of Nage no Kata won silver, improving on the bronze won in 2023. In Ju no Kata the couple Giovanni and Angelica Tarabelli won another silver medal.

In Kime no Kata Enrico Tommasi and Yuri Ferretti won the bronze medal.

Andrea Fregnan and Piero Corcioni in the Katame no Kata instead stopped in fourth place, as did Marika Sato and Fabio Polo.

Also in the Senior category, Ju no Kata finalists Laura Bugo and Barbara Bruni Cerchier finished in fifth place, while Michael Chiara and Marco Corvetti placed sixth.

In the Junior category, Italy won the gold medal in Ju no Kata with Syria Quartieri and Anna Demola and the silver medal in Katame no Kata with Samuele Pardini and Michael Camarri.

However, Sara Bezzi and Giulia Orlando stopped in fourth place in the Ju no Kata Junior.

As regards the cadet category, Filippo Marzaloni and Nicola Bellosi won the bronze medal, while Francesco Cosentino and Andrea Giannettoni finished in fifth place.

The Italian referees Cristina Vetturini and Carlo Camparo refereed in the finals, a sign that their work during the qualifiers was appreciated by the referee managers of the EJU Kata Commission.

The National Commission is very satisfied with the results and medals obtained by the team, particularly by the athletes of the junior and senior categories, and by the number of participants that our team was able to field.

Italy was the nation with the highest number of participating couples (along with France), and achieved six medals out of twelve finalist couples.

This bodes well for the future and indicates that the work carried out in these three years has been positive and that it constitutes an excellent basis on which to build the future of this specialty.


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