Italy comes back with the fastest goal in the history of the Euro Cup | Euro Cup Germany 2024

Italy comes back with the fastest goal in the history of the Euro Cup |  Euro Cup Germany 2024

The legendary yellow wall of the Westfalenstadion was dyed Albanian red and still aflame from the roar of the anthem when Dimarco took a throw-in into an open space in his own area. Bajrami appeared there, free of any harassment, to score the fastest goal scored in a European Championship after 23 seconds. The historic and violent right hand of the Sassuolo playmaker further inflamed the 40,000 Albanians who were celebrating their superiority in the stands. They buried the saying that Italy feels at home when it plays in Germany.


Gianluigi Donnarumma, Federico Dimarco, Riccardo Calafiori, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Alessandro Bastoni, Nicolò Barella, Jorginho, Davide Frattesi, Gianluca Scamacca, Federico Chiesa, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Andrea Cambiaso (Federico Chiesa, min. 76), Bryan Cristante (Lorenzo Pellegrini, min. 76), Mateo Retegui (Gianluca Scamacca, min. 82), Matteo Darmian (Federico Dimarco, min. 82) and Michael Folorunsho (Nicolò Barella, min. 91)


Thomas Strakosha, Elseid Hysaj, Mario Mitaj, Berat Djimsiti, Arlind Ajeti, Ylber Ramadani, Jasir Asani, Kristjan Asllani, Taulant Seferi, Nedim Bajrami, Armando Broja, Qazim Laçi (Taulant Seferi, min. 67), Arbër Hoxha (Jasir Asani, min. 67), Rey Manaj (Armando Broja, min. 76) and Ernest Muçi (Nedim Bajrami, min. 86)

Goals 0-1 min. 0: Nedim Bajrami. 1-1 min. 10: Alessandro Bastoni. 2-1 min. 15: Stretcher

Arbitrator Felix Zwayer

Tarjetas amarillas Lorenzo Pellegrini (min. 20), Riccardo Calafiori (min. 50), Armando Broja (min. 51), Arbër Hoxha (min. 74)

Dimarco’s gross error put the packaging of this Italy under construction by Luciano Spalletti, injured with an early blow, in the early hours of the morning. The Tuscan coach and his players emerged unscathed from that test that tested their abilities. In just over 15 minutes, Bastoni and Barella had already turned around Bajrami’s goal. The scoreboard did not move further. Italy lacked more finesse in its definitions to experience a premiere that began with its heart in its mouth more calmly.

The brief soponcio had some blows in a couple of Albanian counters before Italy restored order and responded to the Albanian affront. The Italian equalizer was also due to an innocent gift from their rival. Dimarco delivered a short corner kick so that Pellegrini gloved a tight thread that Bastoni caught unmarked at the far post. From a rebound came the goal from the fine Barella, who hooked an aesthetic volley with the outside of his right boot to draw an inside-out curve that Strakhosa could only admire.

Albania had not had time to establish itself on the edge of its area in what was perceived as a line of six defenders. Nor did it display itself as brazenly as in the short time it was ahead on the scoreboard. His noisy fans continued to rule the stands, but Sylvinho’s footballers were subdued by the courageous Italian crowd.

Spalletti had cleared up the doubts that had intrigued the Italian press in the previous days. He finally played with a defense of four, led in the center by two left-footed center backs with notable touch. Bastoni was the one who moved to the right and Calafiori to the left. If the Inter center-back asserted himself with the tying goal, the Bologna player confirmed why he has been one of the best players in Serie A this season. With an imposing physique, he is not averse to creating play in the opposite field or breaking lines with his stride.

final scare

The other big unknown surrounding Spain’s next rival was whether Scamacca would play alone up front or accompanied. The Atalanta attacker is the latest prototype of the tall nine who relates better to the ball than to the goal. He had the score 3-1 in a heeled one-on-one and left movements and unmarking that facilitated the arrival of the second line formed by Chiesa, Pellegrini and Fratesi. The latter crashed a dive into the post.

Italy never speculated with its minimum income. It is not in Spalletti’s script to administer advantages with the rigors of old calcium. Jorginho and Barella marked the times and possession of the ball against an Albania that was lost in individual adventures on the run. Of course, the game could have ended with the same surprise with which it began. In the 90th minute, Donnarumma saved a one-on-one with Manaj with his side. It was the last great outburst of the Albanian fans, who bid farewell to their internationals with honours.

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