Italian Midfielder Davide Frattesi Speaks Ahead of Spain vs Italy Match in EURO 2024

Italian Midfielder Davide Frattesi Speaks Ahead of Spain vs Italy Match in EURO 2024

The Italian midfielder belonging to Inter Milan has spoken before the match on the second day that will pit the Spanish team against Italy. Davide Frattesiwho played the entire match against Albania, has valued his next rival on Thursday y He has not hesitated to point out some of the main virtues of ‘La Roja’.

He has openly acknowledged that “Individually, Spain is better than Italy” and that for that reason They will have to appeal to the “Italian spirit”. In addition, he points out Rodrigo, Nico Williams or Lamine Yamal as some of the main threats: “They are dangerous players. Also Fabián, who shone against Croatia”. However, he believes that the best way to face the meeting is another: “If we focus on individual duels, we will have few chances. If instead we focus on the group, on unity and sacrifice, we can all do it together.”

Regarding this ‘new philosophy’ of Luis de la Fuente, he also had some words: “I think that the current Spanish team is a more modern version, a team that has adapted to today’s football. If they are winning 3-0, for me possession is not necessary. In that case, our first objective is not to concede goals so that they do not gain confidence.” There is no doubt that Frattesi wanted to place Spain as favorites before the match.

Key piece for Spalletti

The midfielder, who has not been a regular starter for Inter this season, He has found his place in the national team. In the first match against Albania he formed the midfield with Barella, his club teammate, and Jorginho. Spalletti has pulled the backbone of the Interista team in this Euro Cup, with Barella, Dimarco, Darmian, Bastoni and Frattesi himself. “We have been together for a year and the actions between us arise automatically, especially the outings with the ball. What we do at Inter we sometimes repeat in the national team“, commented Davide.

His role in Italy is different from the one he has had with Inzaghi, since he occupies a somewhat further back position. “Here I am a little lower in defense. In the offensive phase at Inter as a midfielder I am higher up,” Frattesi declared. Although, yes, he maintains his great arrival (8 goals), so Spain will have to be careful with this talented midfielder.

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