Introducing DREAM ORDER PRO BASEBALL CARD GAME: A One-on-One Baseball Themed Trading Card Game!

DREAM ORDER PRO BASEBALL CARD GAME – One-on-one baseball themed trading card game.
Become the director, recruit a player, play in your own Dream Order or collect cards from your favorite players!


Main deck: 30 cards
Order deck: 12 cards
Equipment card: 1 card
Time point: 5 cards
Playmat: 1 card
Rules sheet: 1 card

[Número de tipos de cartas]
SDR (Start Deck Rare): 1 type
SR (Super Rare): 1 type
C (Common): 18 types

(C) Hanshin Tigers
(C) Bushiroad


Manufacturer: Bushiroad
Material: PP
Size: 63mm x 88mm
Release date: April 2024

2024-06-15 14:59:32
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