‘Immoral and abusive’, this is how Mulino catalogs the ‘self-gifts’ at ETESA

‘Immoral and abusive’, this is how Mulino catalogs the ‘self-gifts’ at ETESA

José Raúl Mulino, elected president of Panamaonce again reacted to the controversy of self-assessments in the Electric Transmission Company (Etesa), after the latter published a statement over the weekend informing about the legality of the movement.

“Don’t come to me with the ‘legality’ of self-gifts in Etesa. That is immoral and abusive. That person plays with the people’s money, he doesn’t do it!” can be read at the beginning from the tweet that Mulino published on his official X account.

The president’s message was direct and blunt:That one plays alive with the people’s money, IT’S NOT GOING. 95% of the voters told it to the outgoing Government on May 5 and the next President of Panama reiterates it.”

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“We are also not going to allow expired or outgoing Boards of Directors to hold meetings to approve last-minute matters that they have not done in 5 years. “We will not allow parties with state money,” reads the president-elect’s message.

He reiterated the called to the comptroller Gerardo Solís: “I take this opportunity to publicly reiterate to the current Comptroller of the Republic that he refrain from endorsing these things. “I will be the first defender of Panama’s resources.”

At Etesa, most of the liquidations of the outgoing authorities are around six figures for each one, amid criticism because despite being a company, it is state-owned.

In the statement published on their social networks this weekend they clarified that are governed by the Labor Code and in the case of the general manager, he left by mutual agreement, because he had to undergo a surgical intervention, so they proceeded to compensate him.

They maintain that in addition to compensation, the officials They have the right to other labor benefits, including seniority bonus.

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