Imagining the End of the Bronny James Saga: Predicting Scenarios for the 2024 NBA Draft

Imagining the End of the Bronny James Saga: Predicting Scenarios for the 2024 NBA Draft

Come on, on D-1 of the big 2024 NBA Draft, we use our imagination and visualize how the Bronny James soap opera could end. TrashTalk has prepared for you, for the occasion, a myriad of possible scenarios, each more plausible than the other (or not). Take advantage!

Scenario #1: Bronny James is selected by the Rockets with the third pick

The NBA Draft has already started fifteen minutes ago. Zaccharie Risacher and Alexandre Sarr have already been called by the commissioner, it is now the Rockets who are on the clock. Adam Silver steps onto the stage to announce Houston’s choice. With the third pick of the 2024 NBA Draft, the Houston Rockets select : Bronny James, from the University of South Carolina. Stupor in New York. Reed Sheppard sits back in his chair, while Bronny shyly walks up to the stage where Adam Silver is waiting for him with a big smile.

Rafael Stone publishes a press release in the minute where he assures that “it is not a technique” to attract LeBron James to Free Agency and that he is eager to see the fit of one of the greatest prospects of his vintage. He will be caught later in the evening intimidating his young rear in order to get his father’s phone number from him. Questioned by ESPN, Ime Udoka assures that the Rockets lacked outside players and that they don’t give a damn anyway since their last Draft pick “shoots at 13% behind the arc”. Wearing a Rockets cap, Bronny James takes advantage of the presence of his future leader to shake hands with Fred VanVleet but is disappointed when he realizes that he is in fact dealing with DJ Khaled, assigned to the sound system for the evening . Faintness.

Scenario #2: the Bulls select Bronny in 11

Once is not customary, the Illinois franchise drafts with its panards. The Bulls select LeBron’s offspring with their eleventh pick. Arturas Karsinovas, pastis in hand, declares on TV that he is happy that Bronny James has slipped to eleventh place since the mock drafts announced him in tenth. The atmosphere changes when a journalist explains to him that the mock draft he is talking about dates from July 2023.

Furious, the General Manager begins the process of bringing Father James to Free Agency to save the furniture before it is explained to him that the Bulls do not have the money to sign LeBron anyway because they are as broke as the wheat. To avoid completely losing face, Karnisovas refuses to let Bronny James leave in a trade and launches a major hostage-taking of the eldest of the James siblings. He extends DeMar DeRozan for four years and $176 million in the process. A case !

Scenario #3: Bronny James lands in Los Angeles with Lakers pick 17

This was the most likely scenario, but not the most logical way. To please their winger, the Lakers select Bronny James in the first round, with their pick number 17. In a twist, once the 17th pick is made official, LeBron announces that he was seduced by the 76ers project and that he will sign in Philadelphia for Free Agency to play for the title next year. There is astonishment in Los Angeles. Bronny James will play just one game for the Lakers, and he will break Kostas Antetokounmpo’s record for the poorest debut in the Angelinos franchise by failing to score, grab a rebound or make a single numerical achievement in 21 minutes of playing time. One James can hide another, but not necessarily very well.

Scenario #4: Pelicans draft Bronny James in 21

Incomprehension reigns in New York. The Pelicans have set their sights on the offspring of LeBron James, even though we weren’t expecting them at all with this kind of choice in 21. Would they go all out and try to bring Bron-Bron to Louisiana? After some clarification, it turns out that the reality is quite different. Trajan Langdon announces to ESPN that Zion Williamson himself is behind this choice. According to the Pelicans GM, Zion “physically threatened” him and forced him to select “Brownie James” because he “was hungry”. Misunderstanding. Zion actually misread the USC alum’s name. Williamson will make amends and publicly apologize to Trajan Langdon, saying “it could have happened to anyone.”

Scenario #5: Suns take Bronny James in 22

This was one of the expected scenarios, after we saw Bronny James doing a workout in Phoenix. Obviously impressed by the profile of the young back, the Suns decided to bet on him at the time of the Draft, and they will not be disappointed! After a first season averaging 23.1 points and 3.9 assists where he relegated Bradley Beal to the bench, it is now clear in Arizona that genetics do not lie and that the future will depend on the destiny of the son James. From his second season, Mike Bundenholzer announced that he would give the keys to the truck to Bronny James and make Kevin Durant the second option. KD is therefore second, behind James as throughout his career, but this time within his own team.

Scenario #6: Bronny James doesn’t get drafted

While Zach Edey and Armel Traoré are called up by Adam Silver with picks 57 and 58, it is clear that Bronny James was not called up during this 2024 NBA Draft. Red with anger, LeBron James demands from the Lakers that they cut it. He then threatens Adam Silver to make public the video where he dances shirtless with his underwear on his head when he learns that there will be a Lakers – Warriors series during the Playoffs in 2023. He announces that he will reveal it to journalists if the commission does not grant him the creation of a new franchise in Akron of which he would be president, general manager, coach and player. Adam Silver gives in and an expansion Draft is immediately announced. Bronny James is selected after Julius Randle whom the Knicks did not protect.

Scenario #7: Lakers select Bronny James in ’55

Enough jokes, the most plausible fate for Bronny’s destiny is this. The Lakers are waiting for the second round to take Bronny James, and they select him with their pick number 55. The dad is happy and re-signs in LA. Bronny can develop quietly alongside his mentor and does not have to worry about going through a two-way contract. This is the scenario that should occur barring major upheaval and it is the one that makes the most sense for everyone.

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