Hotsand Macerata Aims for Third Place in Baseball Championship against Parma

Hotsand Macerata Aims for Third Place in Baseball Championship against Parma

Hotsand Macerata is awaiting the match against Parma today and tomorrow, a match that could allow the Macerata team to aim for third place in the top baseball championship, now occupied by the Emilian team. The difference is one game more won by Parma (12 -11). “We – says Andrea Graziani, president of Hotsand Macerata – are in a good moment and we will do everything we can to return home with three successes, we will leave no stone unturned but it will certainly be difficult because on the other side we will find a worthy opponent and expert”.

The Macerata players present themselves at the match with the new Juremi Profar, the Dutch international is the new face of Hotsand who will replace the shortstop Manuel Timo. “A very strong hitter has arrived, his strength in serving is explosive. At the last European Championships Profar hit 600 (6 hits every 10 rounds), he is a player who has frequented the diamonds of the States and has always recorded high batting averages” . In this round Hotsand can count on all the elements of the squad, so there will be the return of the Croatian Andreja Tomic, who has recovered from the muscle injury suffered on the first day.

After Parma, the Macerata players will receive a visit from BBC Grosseto and finally the first phase of the season will end in Bologna. “I believe – reflects Graziani – that it is enough for us to win one match every weekend to be certain of fourth place which allows us to avoid the play-offs and therefore directly access the quarter-finals, as well as being part of next year’s Elite group where there will be the best eight of the championship.” Two Hotsand players have been called up to the national team for Harlem Week (12-19 July): the calls of pitcher Gabriele Quattrini and first baseman Jesus Carrera, fresh from an Italian passport, further boost the team in view of the challenges of this end week in Parma.

The matches: Parma-Macerata; New Energy Grosseto-Bologna; San Marino-Big Mat Grosseto.

Ranking: Bologna, San Marino (15-6) .714; Parma (12-9) .571, Macerata (11-10) .524; Bsc Grosseto (6-15) .286; BBC Grosseto (4-17) .190.

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