Grimaldo and Cucurella, two friends who break it on the left of Spain

Grimaldo and Cucurella, two friends who break it on the left of Spain

Spain is the envy of this Euro Cup for its collective play, but also by the individual performance of several footballers. In particular, he is impacting the performance of his left backs. If Cucurella was first in the matches against Croatia and Italy, Grimaldo showed his credentials in the duel against Albania.

The two players arrived at the concentration practically by accident. Gayà and Balde were destined to be the starters when this Euro Cup cycle beganbut injuries have left them out.

Although the competition was tough with players like the Madrid player Fran García or Álex Moreno, from Aston Villa, who could also sneak inDe la Fuente opted for the couple that is wowing the entire football continent.

Grimaldo and Cucurella arrived with the same conditions in Las Rozas and without either of them with the title band. They had to earn it in the training camp and the Chelsea player took the place thanks to his performances in the friendlies against Andorra and Northern Ireland.

Cucurella proved right with his excellent matches against Croatia and, above all, against the Italians, when he played a practically perfect match. “The best of my career for defending my country, against Italy in a European Championship”, as the footballer himself admitted.

Spain’s qualification for the round of 16 allowed De la Fuente to renew the team against Albania. That’s when the opportunity came to Grimaldo, who showed that he continues at the same level that has led him to conquer the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen.

Cucurella and Grimaldo are from different generations, 25 years for Catalan and 28 for Valencian, but they share their roots in La Masia. This common origin has united them and The competition is turning out to be very healthy, as the former Benfica footballer recognized.

We are very friends and we are here to help at any time“The competition is great, not only between the two of us, but between all the left backs who could be here in the Euro Cup,” Grimaldo commented at the end of the match.

De la Fuente feels very proud of his choice, while rivals feel great admiration towards the Spanish lanes.

Balliu’s vision

This is how he explained it Ivan Balliu, another FC Barcelona youth player, who had the difficult mission to defend Grimaldo with Albania on his side.

The Gironi player, who plays with Albanian descendants, He is amazed seeing the Spanish internationals who, like at home, left Barça’s La Masia and are now triumphing.

Balliu is an authorized voice to talk about sides, since he occupies this position as the undisputed starter at Rayo Vallecano after a journey abroad in Portuguese and French football.

The Catalan commented for PRENSA IBÉRICA who is watching as the two full-backs of Spain “They are at a very high level, enjoying themselves, it’s nice to see how they play, how they filter passes…”.

Analyzing both players, Balliu pointed out that “Cucurella is superlative, he is one of the best full-backs in the Euro Cup, then you get Grimaldo who is coming off a spectacular season and also puts together a great game.” The Rayista, visibly proud, said he was “happy because it means that La Masia continues to work well.”

The home of Barcelona’s young stars never stops bringing joy to Spanish football and now he has had an impact in an unexpected position such as left back.

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