Grand Opening: Liaoyuan Super ONE Basketball Theme Park Launches 2024 Basketball Super League

Original title: Liaoyuan Super ONE Basketball Theme Park officially opened

After 73 days of intensive construction, the upgraded Liaoyuan Super ONE Basketball Theme Park officially opened on the evening of June 15, and it also kicked off the 2024 Liaoyuan “Xiang BA” Basketball Super League.

At the park, basketball courts with different themes have their own characteristics. The park gate has a strong visual impact. Children’s play sand pits, music fountains, animation blocks and many Internet celebrity check-in walls have become popular backgrounds for tourists to take photos. It is understood that the Liaoyuan Super ONE Basketball Theme Park project covers an area of ​​17,000 square meters, of which three competition venues use suspended floors specially designed for Olympic Games, and is committed to creating a first-class basketball theme park in China.

After the launching ceremony, the basketball game between the Northern Stars Team and the Southern Stars Team brought the atmosphere to a climax. Guo Ailun, a player from the CBA championship team, served as the chief referee of the game.

“It’s so enjoyable to see such a wonderful game today! The venue and environment here are particularly good and suit the tastes of young people. I hope such games can be held frequently.” Wang Haixu, a basketball enthusiast from Dongfeng County, said excitedly.

Since last year, Liaoyuan City has made great efforts to build the first “rural BA” basketball court in Northeast China – Dongshan Sports Park Super Bowl Stadium, and successfully held a series of colorful sports events such as the main venue activities of the National “National Fitness Day” and the “Jilin Province JLBA Men’s Basketball League”. The enthusiasm of the masses for sports is high and various sports undertakings are booming. At the same time, the momentum of promoting tourism through competition and integrating sports and tourism is strong, attracting many knowledgeable people to invest in the development of cultural and tourism industries in Liaoyuan. A number of new cultural and tourism projects such as Huandongshan Cultural and Tourism Complex, Black Gold Town, and Natu Theme Park have been landed and are under construction.

The Super ONE Basketball Theme Park, which has undergone a comprehensive transformation and upgrade and is the first immersive basketball theme park in Northeast China, not only incorporates unique insights and novel ideas into basketball culture, but also embodies and demonstrates the Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s continuous exploration, breakthrough innovation and bold practice in developing the city through sports, as well as their resolute attitude to build a city of sports, a city of events, a city of health and a city of vitality.

(Editors: Wang Haiyue, Xie Long)

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