Golden State Warriors Face Tough Decisions with Chris Paul’s Future

Golden State Warriors Face Tough Decisions with Chris Paul’s Future

The Golden State Warriors are faced with many tough decisions this offseason, coming off a below-average season. One of the big names on the team is Chris Paul. Golden State hoped he would bring a veteran presence to the second unit. However, injuries and poor play meant the team struggled for most of the year. Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy gave a surprising answer when asked about Paul’s future.

“Everything is on the table” when it comes to Chris Paul. He also said they might look to waive the former All-Star. All of this revolves around the desire to save money. Paul has a non-guaranteed salary of $30 million next season. If the Warriors decide to stick with him, they could be faced with a huge luxury tax, something owner Joe Lacob isn’t too keen on.

“Our plan 1, or 1A, is that we would like to be out of the tax, and we think we have a way to do that. That’s the plan, not just under the second apron. I’ll tell you why that matters, because the truth is we have need to be off taxes for two years in the next four to get this rep thing off our books. We don’t want to be reps.

It’s so prohibitive, not to say we wouldn’t do it if we had to, but you have to look at the downside of doing it. So, that’s the plan, is to try to do that, and we think we can keep our team together and also keep the players that are together, we might be able to bring players back at different numbers and so on.”

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