Godo Holds On to Second Place in Group D as Nettuno 1945 Dominates

Godo Holds On to Second Place in Group D as Nettuno 1945 Dominates

Paolo Tanesini batting (Baseball Godo)

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Nothing particularly new in a group D always dominated by Nettuno 1945, mathematical winner of the group with four games to go. The fight for second place was much more balanced, with Baseball Godo having achieved a double in the away match at the Padule and returning second but next Saturday they will have to deal with the league leaders.

League leaders Nettuno who in game one disposed of Fiorentina between the fifth and sixth innings (final result 4-0), with home runs from Annunziata and Sparagna as well as calm management of the pitching mound. Easy victory also on Saturday evening (8-0), with Andres Annunziata in good shape in the box and Silva Nolasco relentless on the mound, allowing only one hit until he went down. The Tuscan team by Lupi Auto is third in the standings with a record of 10-6 behind Godo.

Double also for Godo in Sesto Fiorentino, always with an initial disadvantage (0-2 in the afternoon, 0-1 in the evening) but then a clear winner in both cases. The pitchers Galeotti and Campis did well, the Casadio brothers were decisive in game one and the old guard in game two, with Bucchi and Tanesini (one home run each on the day) unleashed in the box. Godo takes home the precious external double with the results of 16-6 in the eighth and 10-3, while Padule is still chasing his first success in the championship.

Finally, on Sunday, the Athletics Bologna beat the Lions Dolphins at home, with simplicity and anticipation in game one (13-1 in the seventh, Del Priore well) and with thrill instead in the afternoon, because in the middle of the ninth the Lazio team had taken ahead 4-3. Then, however, hits from Montanari and Cocchi and a series of defensive errors gave the Bolognese a 5-4 win at the last minute.

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