Gerrit Holtmann Looks to Rebound at Bochum Under Peter Zeidler

Gerrit Holtmann Looks to Rebound at Bochum Under Peter Zeidler

Last season was extremely unsatisfactory for Gerrit Holtmann. Under Peter Zeidler, the speedy winger wants to get going again in Bochum.

Gerrit Holtmann returns to Bochum. picture alliance/dpa/Revierfoto

The loan deal to Turkish first division club Antalyaspor was extremely unsatisfactory. Gerrit Holtmann was unable to get back on his feet away from home due to various injuries. And his time at Darmstadt 98 did not bring any improvement either. The winger was hardly used under his old coach Torsten Lieberknecht due to various injuries and only played four times for the Lilies in the last six months.

One of Holtmann’s few pleasant appearances in recent months was in Bochum, of all places, when he and his club played in the Ruhrstadion at the end of March (2:2). Even as he warmed up, he was greeted with warm applause by the Bochum fans. In stark contrast to his teammate Sebastian Polter, whose departure from Bochum after his previous declarations of loyalty were extremely resented by the VfL fans.

Scheduled for July 1

Holtmann is well received by at least a large number of fans – whether this also applies to sporting matters remains to be seen. The 29-year-old’s contract in Bochum still has a year to run; from July 1st he will be back at VfL and is of course hoping for a comeback under the new coach Peter Zeidler. “Gerrit Holtmann undoubtedly has skills that can help us,” says sporting director Marc Lettau. “He will be given a fair chance under Peter Zeidler and is scheduled to start on July 1st.”

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A hit that will be remembered

Holtmann and Bochum, most fans will surely remember an extremely spectacular action when the Bremerhaven native really showed off his skills. That was in the first home game after returning to the Bundesliga in August 2021, when the winger scored a sensational goal.

Holtmann practically circled half of Mainz’s team and then finished very carefully, a goal that ARD viewers voted Goal of the Year 2021. And that of course raises the question: Why doesn’t Holtmann perform magic like that more often?

Holtmann’s shortcoming

Former coach Thomas Reis once accused him of not working hard enough on his deficiencies in receiving the ball to really make the most of his talent. However, Holtmann can of course be a weapon in fast transition play with his speedy runs on the wing; in many games, however, he is too hesitant or gets stuck.

So is Zeidler relying on the fast winger? A player with a similar profile has just left the club, Christopher Antwi-Adjei, whose contract was not renewed. And new acquisition Samuel Bamba, who comes from Borussia Dortmund II and signed a contract until 2027 this week, brings almost the same speed as Holtmann.

Holtmann will try to force his way into training and recommend himself for the new season. On the other hand, it is of course not impossible that the two teams will part ways in the summer. But perhaps Holtmann will find his former top form at his old place of work under a new coach. He doesn’t have to outplay half the opposing team straight away.

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