Germany Secures First Place in Group A with Draw Against Switzerland

Germany Secures First Place in Group A with Draw Against Switzerland


GERMANY FINALLY EQUALS! On a cross from Raum from the left, Füllkrug places a perfect header into the top corner of Sommer, who can do nothing. 1-1, the Mannschaft snatches a draw and above all first place in group A!

Rüdiger starts playing center forward

There are 4 minutes of added time. The Germans need a goal to finish first in the group.

Kroos seeks Havertz in depth

But it’s a bit long and not easy for Havertz to put back. Goal kick.


THIS IS HER SPECIAL! From the left, he looked for Neuer’s top corner but the German goalkeeper deployed well to put in a corner.


From a corner, the Arsenal striker takes the ball with his shoulder rather than his head. His attempt ends on the top of the crossbar.


Switzerland believed in it! On a quick attack, Vargas is served in depth and will crucify Neuer. But he was immediately flagged in an offside position, and it was confirmed. It doesn’t matter much, but 1-0 still.

Sommer pushes back Kroos’ free kick!

Secondly, Sané attempts a recovery with the outside of his foot, but it is not on target.

Raum gets a good free kick

Yellow card for Widmer, who will be suspended for the round of 16. And this is a good opportunity for the Germans.

Havertz collapses at the entrance to the surface

The referee doesn’t say anything and in slow motion, there doesn’t seem to be any foul from Xhaka either.

Wirtz and Musiala replaced

Entrances from Sané and Füllkrug. We still wonder why these changes weren’t made a while ago. Wirtz and Musiala, like all the Germans, were very disappointing this evening.

New foul obtained by Aebischer

A well-placed free kick, Germany has great difficulty recovering the ball.

Switzerland resists well

Murat Yakin’s men conceded rare chances but overall they held the ball well, stayed far enough from their goal and maintained the danger.


IT WAS AN EQUALIZING BALL! Served in the area, he controls but is slow to hit with the left. He is countered by Akanji who returns at the last minute. Beier is surrounded in the area and demands a penalty, but the referee says nothing. VAR verified and confirmed the referee’s decision.

The Germans are powerless

They return the balls and absolutely do not cause any difficulty for the Swiss defense.

Changes on both sides

Entries of Vargas, Duah and Amdouni for Switzerland who replace Rieder, Embolo and Ndoye. For Germany, Beier replaces Andrich, an offensive choice.

Gündogan et Havertz de la tête

Each in turn, they cannot find the frame.


He tries his luck from afar, it flies over Sommer’s goal.

Double change for Germany

But two defensive changes: Schlotterbeck and Raum replace Tah, who had a yellow, and Mittelstadt.

Kimmich goes for a corner

But it’s laborious on the German side. Nothing works like the first two matches.

Tah still taken by Embolo

The German defenders have a lot of difficulty dealing with the Swiss attacker. Foul of Tah, who already has a yellow.


It’s close, but there was a thrill in the stadium. It finally goes quite far, too bad for Germany.

Rüdiger intervenes in front of Rieder

Tough intervention, but the referee says nothing.


There had finally been a shift! With the outside of his foot, Wirtz sends Musiala behind the defense. The Bayern player quickly strikes with force, it is repelled by Sommer. Gündogan then tries to resume but cannot get on target.

Embolo in the surface

He tries to force his way through but is stopped by Tah and Rüdiger.

Very good call from Widmer

He is almost served by Embolo, but cannot take the ball away. He was in an offside position anyway.

It’s back to Frankfurt!

Switzerland, which leads 1-0, kicks off this second half. Germany must react to finish first in the group.

It’s the break in Frankfurt!

Switzerland leads 1-0 against Germany and currently leads the group. The Mannschaft offered very little in this first period and was trapped in one of the rare offensives of the Nati. We will have to offer something else in the second half.

It’s messy on the German side

The passes are imprecise, the decisions are rarely the right ones. We’re going to have to change something at halftime.

Andrich tries his luck in turn

This is still very far from the framework. The latest German attempts were largely unsuccessful.

Havertz above

The German recovery could give a good opportunity, but Musiala got a little stuck in the middle of the Swiss defenders. He still shifts Havertz but the ball is difficult to take and the Arsenal striker’s recovery flies away.

Rüdiger’s head!

On a two-played corner, Kroos ends up crossing at the far post, but Rüdiger’s header is completely missed and flies off target.

Card for Tah, who will be suspended

He comes to place his foot very high, at the level of Embolo’s head. Logical yellow, and as it is his second of the competition, he will miss Germany’s round of 16.

Kimmich in one touch

He tries to find a partner over the defense, but his pass is imprecise. It is the symbol of the first German period, where accuracy is sorely lacking.

Switzerland holds the ball

The Germans were not there in this first period. Led for the first time in this Euro, the Mannschaft will have to show that it can react when everything does not go its way.

Andrich goes for a corner

Germany must react. As it stands, it is Switzerland which is first in group A.


He didn’t come far from a second goal in two minutes. Launched in depth, he crosses his left shot. It goes close to Neuer’s post.

Goal confirmed despite potential offside

In slow motion, there seemed to be a very limited position from Ndoye. But there was no lengthy verification, the Swiss goal was well validated.


FINALLY IT’S SWITZERLAND THAT COMES TO COOL GERMANY! By not playing, the Germans left room for the Swiss. Freuler knew how to make the difference with his call and then crossed towards Ndoye, impeccable to resume in front of Tah. 1-0 for the Nati!

Missed cross from Mittelstadt

The Germans had turned the game around on the left, but the Stuttgart full-back’s cross was unscrewed and went out of the goal.

Cardboard for Ndoye

The Swiss striker is late in his intervention on Rüdiger. The yellow, however, seems very severe.

The pace of this match is not crazy

The Germans are not excited about the meeting at the moment. Remember that a draw is enough for them to be first in their group. The Swiss also ensured their qualification with a draw.

Germany is still starting to dominate

The ball is for Julian Nagelsmann’s men, the combinations are also starting to come together.


Musiala, by throwing himself to try to regain the center, earlier in the action, made a mistake. Andrich’s goal is therefore cancelled, we remain at 0-0.


1-0 FOR GERMANY ON A DISTANT STRIKE! On a ball pushed back by the Swiss defense, the German midfielder strikes from outside the area. The rebound traps Sommer, who touches the ball but does not prevent it from entering. The Swiss, however, complain of a mistake by Musiala in the action, this will undoubtedly be reviewed.

Havertz jostled in the area

After being blocked on his shot, the Arsenal striker tried to recover the ball and collapsed after contact. The referee says nothing.

Gündogan in one touch

Following a good delivery from Musiala, the German captain attempted a one-touch recovery, but was blocked.

Ndoye wastes a good opportunity

After a recovery at the feet of Havertz, there was a surplus to play for the Swiss, but Ndoye made the wrong choice and lost the ball.

The Germans are cautious

They spin a little behind. They lack a little technical accuracy in the Swiss camp to create gaps.

Tough start to the match in the middle

Big fight in the midfield, for the moment neither team has a foot on the ball.

Havertz nods!

The German striker takes the best header from the corner. But it is captured by Sommer, vigilant.

Musiala looks for Gündogan in the heart of the defense

The pass was good, but the ball was difficult to control for Gündogan, who won a corner anyway.

Let’s go to Frankfurt!

The Germans kick off this last match in Group A, at the same time as the other Scotland-Hungary match.

Kick-off imminent

The players enter the pitch, it’s time for the anthems. The opportunity to recall the evening’s compositions.

Germany: Neuer – Kimmich, Rüdiger, Tah, Mittelstädt – Andrich, Kroos – Wirtz, Gündogan, Musiala – Havertz.

Suisse: Sommer – Schär, Akanjdi, Rodriguez – Widmer, Freuler, Xhaka, Aebischer – Sieder – Embolo, Ndoye

Reunions between Swiss and Germans

Seven Nati players play in the Bundesliga and rub shoulders with a good number of German players all year round. But only two will start this evening: Silvan Widmer and Granit Xhaka, who plays for Bayer Leverkusen and will meet his teammates Florian Wirtz, Jonathan Tah and Robert Andrich, also lined up from the start.

Neuer’s 18th match at the Euro

A record for a goalkeeper. He is ahead of Buffon and Van der Sar.

Great atmosphere in Frankfurt before the match

The Germans, at home, are necessarily noisy.

The Swiss team, Breel Embolo is the holder

Third different composition in three matches for Switzerland. No change in defense and midfield, but in the attacking trio. Ndoye starts, as in the first two matches, but accompanied by Sieder and Embolo for the first time. Shaqiri and Vargas are on the bench.

The composition of Switzerland: Sommer – Schär, Akanjdi, Rodriguez – Widmer, Freuler, Xhaka, Aebischer – Sieder – Embolo, Ndoye

Germany’s eleven, with the typical team

Julian Nagelsmann continues with his eleven type who started the first two matches. The stake, with the first place in the group to be fetched, prevents it from spinning.

The composition of Germany: Neuer – Kimmich, Rüdiger, Tah, Mittelstädt – Andrich, Kroos – Wirtz, Gündogan, Musiala – Havertz.

Germany leads Group A before the final day

Group A standings:

  • 1. Germany, 6 pts (+6)
  • 2. Switzerland, 4 pts (+2)
  • 3. Scotland, 1 pt (-4)
  • 4. Hungary, 0 pt (-4)

Curtain in group A

Hello everyone ! It’s already the third and final day in Group A of Euro 2024. Already assured of qualification for the eighth after their victories against Scotland and Hungary, but not of first place, Germany (6 pts) faces Switzerland (4 pts) in Frankfurt.

Kick-off at 9 p.m. in the live commentary of RMC Sport, but also on beIN Sports 1 and M6 on TV.

>>> The other match in the group, Scotland-Hungary, can be followed here in our live commentary

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