Germany Dominates Scotland 5-1 in Euro Opener at Allianz Arena

Germany Dominates Scotland 5-1 in Euro Opener at Allianz Arena

In the opening, Germany OVERCOME Scotland, 5 x 1 at the Allianz Arena, this Friday (14).

And on Saturday (15) there’s more: Hungary x Switzerland at 10am, Spain x Croatia at 1pm and Italy x Albania at 4pm.

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Germany beat Scotland 5-1 in the opening of the European Championship.

But one number has attracted even more attention than the goals…

Kross completed 101 of 102 passes while on the field.

That’s right, he only missed ONE pass in the German rout.

Kross left at 35 in the second half (that is, he played 80 minutes).

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Criminal entry 😱

The foul that resulted in the penalty (and the 3rd goal) in favor of Germany drew attention in the 1st half of the opening of the Euro.

Scottish defender Porteous flew with the sole of his boot and hit Gündogan’s shin.

The field refereeing didn’t immediately fail, but thankfully there is VAR.

After reviewing the play, the referee awarded the penalty and sent off Porteous.

See photos of the play and reactions to the criminal foul below:

📸 Clive Mason – 2024 Getty Images

📸 TOBIAS SCHWARZ – AFP or licensors

📸 TOBIAS SCHWARZ – AFP or licensors

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German youth deciding

Florian Wirtz scored the first goal of this edition of the Euros.

In addition, he became the youngest German to score goals in the history of the competition.

At just 21 years and 42 days old, he broke the record held by Kai Havertz, who is also on the field in this Friday’s game.

The 2 x 0 also came from a name from the new German generation.

Musiala, who is also 21 years old, extended the home team’s advantage.

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Did the image load there?

Two great names in football history are watching the opening game together at the Allianz Arena.

Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho are at the stadium to watch the match between Germany and Scotland.

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Teams selected!

Germany and Scotland are set for their Euro debut.

The home team arrives with no surprises in the starting lineup.

Kroos begins his farewell tour, hoping for an unprecedented title in his career.

Neuer; Kimmich, Rüdiger, Tah, Mittelstädt; Andrich, Kroos; Musiala, Gündogan, Wirtz; Havertz

In Scotland we also have powerful club names in Europe’s top leagues.

Manchester United’s Scott McTominay was the team’s top scorer in Euro qualifying.

Gunn; Hendry, Porteous, Tierney; Ralston, McGregor, McTominay, Robertson; McGinn, Adams, Christie

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‘No Scotland, no party’ 🎶

More scenes from the beautiful Scottish invasion of Munich.

A ‘fan fest’ in the city’s Olympic park had to be closed because it reached a maximum capacity of 25 thousand people.

At the scene, what was heard loud and clear was ‘no Scotland, no party’.

Are they excited for this Friday’s game?

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Can this? 🤣

The Scots are really keen to enjoy the Euro weather.

There are fans who took their son to Germany and left word at school that the boy will not return as long as Scotland is still in the tournament.

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Scottish invasion

The Scots invaded the city of Munich in anticipation of the opening game of the Euros.

The opening game against Germany only takes place this Friday, but they have already been taking over the German city in recent days.

This Thursday, UOL even published that there was a lack of beer in some bars in the city.

It’s been a while since the Scots have had a chance like this to enjoy football.

This year’s Euros is the first major tournament the country will play in since the 1998 World Cup,

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