GERMANY 5 – SCOTLAND 1: Germany scares from the beginning with a resounding rout of Scotland

GERMANY 5 – SCOTLAND 1: Germany scares from the beginning with a resounding rout of Scotland

Modern and versatile Germany does not understand clichés. Neither the nerves of the premiere, nor the pressure of the host, nor Scottish bagpipes. From the first moment, the attractive team built by the young Julian Nagelsmann overwhelmed the ‘Tartan Army’, which as an army really only has a sublime fan base that has turned ‘No Scotland, no party’ into the unofficial song of the tournament. It was composed by Nick Morgan based on Argentina’s song about Maradona, ‘The Hand of God’.

The ‘Mannschaft’ was a roller in Munich, but not because of impetus but because of their magnificent level of play, which at times recalled the times of champion Spain. It has acquired much more flight by being masterfully directed by Kroos, who everyone knows but no one short-circuits because the six-time European champion knows how to appear at the right time and in the right place. That’s why he is great, not just because with his precise touch and enormous vision he improves his teammates. The metronome made up to 57 passes without failure in the first half alone. And several of them, game changers. Brutal.

Neuer; Kimmich, Rüdiger, Tah, Mittelstädt; Andrich (Gross, m.46), Kroos (Emre Can, m.80), Gündogan; Musiala (Müller, m.73), Havertz (Füllkrug, m.63) and Wirtz (Sané, m.63).

Gunn; Hendry, Porteus, Tierney (McKenna, m.77); Ralston, McTominay, McGregor (Gilmour, m.67), Robertson; McGinn (McLean, m.67), Adams (Hanley, m.46) y Christie (Shankland, m.82).

1-0. m.10: Wirtz. 2-0. m.19: Musiala. 3-0. m.45+1: Havertz (p.). 4-0. m.68: Füllkrug. 4-1. m.87: Rüdiger (p.p.). 5-1. m.90+3: Emre Can.

C. Turpin (France). He sent Porteus off with a direct red card (m.44). He cautioned Andrich (m.31) and Tah (m.62) for Germany, and Ralston (m.48) in Scotland.

The intense day in the Bavarian capital, with fans united around beer, had left a scare because the area reserved for fans had to be closed due to a false threat. Soon everything returned to normal and the festive atmosphere moved to a Munich coliseum where there was only one team, a selection that caused merriment throughout the country. An atmosphere reminiscent of that fairy tale of the 2006 World Cup, although there Germany would end up falling to Italy in the semifinals.

Steve Clarke’s men tried to put up a fight in the first minutes, without giving up and winning duels, but they quickly understood that their war against this Germany mission was impossible. Analyzing their performance, it is difficult to believe that this Scotland beat Spain in Glasgow and left Haaland’s Norway, surpassed in Oslo by the British, out of the Euro Cup. The Germans actually play with up to seven midfielders, if you include full-back Kimmich, a lifelong midfielder, and even striker Havertz comes down to receive. Kroos feels even more liberated with Andrich as his squire, and everyone in front moves freely. Gündogan hooks, Musiala and Wirtz start from the wings but draw constant diagonals, and Havertz acts as a lying nine. The consequence, fluidity, speed in combinations and enormous difficulty in stopping them.

Wirtz and Musiala lead the way

After several warnings, the first goal came after ten minutes, too soon for the Scots conspired to suffer and endure. Kroos succeeded in a change of orientation even slipping, Kimmich put it to him Wirtz and the young talent from Leverkusen hit the target from the crescent of the area. He hit with the inside and enough effect, enough to overcome the soft hand of Gunn, Norwich’s trembling goalkeeper.

The second one was signed She had to, the other pearl that excites the Germans and is also an idol in Munich by playing for Bayern. Another line drawing action. Huge pass from Gündogan, Havertz breaks and gives back for Musiala to shoot after a wonderful oriented control. There is no need to detract from the merits, but the facilities were amazing in the final phase of a great tournament.

In just 20 minutes, the host had sealed the victory. From then on she took her foot off the accelerator because the tournament had just started and it was about saving effort when possible. Even at half throttle, the Central Europeans’ control of the situation was absolute. If they could hit, good; If they seemed in a bit of a hurry, balls to the free Kroos and start again. It seems simple, but it is because the execution corresponds to great players.

The French Clement Turpin, considered perhaps the best European referee, showed that it was not his best night. First, he indicated a penalty on Musiala that he had to correct at the request of the VAR because the infraction occurred outside the area. Complicated to see. Near the break, he did not notice a terrifying entry, at the wrong time and with both boards in front, of Porteus to Gündogan who could seriously injure the Barcelona player. Blessed shin guard, even though they are tiny now. After the VAR review, a penalty like a cathedral and a red card to the tough Watford centre-back. Havertz He delivered the maximum penalty with the calm of a specialist.

With 3-0 and against ten, the second half was left to the benefit of inventory, so that the technicians could try new things. I enter Filling jug, an interesting striker who destroyed Atlético in the Champions League with Dortmund, and immediately showed his credentials. He is not the typical ‘panzer’, but he is more ‘9’ than Havertz. The first ball he found near the area, he nailed it near the top corner. He then scored another one, half a rebound, but it was disallowed for offside. Third intervention of the VAR, to make him look at it. Emotional ovations for Müller when he entered and for Kroos when he left. The own goal of Ruedigeran anecdote on the perfect night for the ‘Mannschaft’ that closed Emre Can.

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