German Judo Championships: Igor Wandtke Crowned Champion in -73 kg Weight Class

Igor Wandtke is already competing in Visé one week after winning the German Championship. In the -73 kg weight class, which had 85 participants, Igor managed to fight his way into the semi-finals and took 5th place.

In the age group Ü30 F1, Claudia Rittig wins the championship in the weight class -57/63 kg.

Igor Wandtke is German champion in the -73 kg weight class. On his way to the title, Igor defeated Henrik Lauer from Witten, Stafan Friedrich from TSV München-Großhadern and Soshin Katsumi from Freiburg. In the final, he was able to defeat Rene from Sindelfingen…

In today’s edition of the Neue Presse Hannover, the youth work of the judo team and the young talent were reported on the junior sports page.

On the first day of competition at the 2012 German Championships, Imke Schumann and Annika Heise competed in the -78 kg weight class. Imke was eliminated from the competition after her first fight. After two confident victories, Annika was able to make it into the…
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