Gasparo day 2024: forever in the heart of Modena

Gasparo day 2024: forever in the heart of Modena

We invented another time to meet up, all play together and try to share two days of healthy and pure fun. On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June we remembered our friend Andrea Turrini, known to all as Gasparo. Almost 500 people, many children, many smiles in this two days of sport, fun and pure madness

We found ourselves in Saliceta San Giuliano and witnessed an exciting five-a-side football tournament on two synthetic grass fields, 7 fierce football teams with a knife between their teeth to win the final trophy. Teams made up of those who were once kids, those who still are kids and more or less performing athletes. At the starting whistle there was a very high tension which gradually dissolved between the kebabs and borlenghi.

The truth is that we saw many bellies, many white hairs but also a great desire to share something together whose ultimate meaning is never as banal as solidarity.

One of the best satisfactions was seeing the children having fun, the parents relaxing in front of a beer and lots and lots of laughter. For this reason, we must thank all the volunteers, the many people who contributed to the realization of the tournament, the gastronomic corner, the holding of the lottery on Sunday afternoon and the charity auction on Saturday evening. Music, irony and sport in an almost perfect triptych!

Over the years we have met many volunteer associations, organizations that every day lend themselves to helping others and for this very occasion giving a nice gift to one of them, as has always happened in past years, fills us with great pride.

In the end, the sporting result matters little, winning doesn’t matter, you win when, in the memory of a deceased friend, you also manage to pursue charitable goals.

Dear Gasparo, you still have many friends who love you: no one will ever forget you.

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