FUBB to Report Acts of Violence and Racism During Uruguayan League Finals

FUBB to Report Acts of Violence and Racism During Uruguayan League Finals

The Uruguayan Basketball Federation announced this Saturday that on Monday it will report to the Penalty Court the events that occurred on Friday during the fourth final of the Uruguayan League between Aguada and Peñarol. It appears from the notice that it refers to situations of violence outside the stadium and racist insults to Jayson Granger.

The Federation’s statement says the following:

“In knowledge of the events that occurred outside the Club A. Aguada stage before the start of the fourth final of LuB 2023/2024 and the widespread chanting during the dispute, this Executive Committee has resolved to file a complaint next Monday before the competent Penalty Court.

Said complaint will be made based on the statutory and regulatory responsibilities that grant the CE the “superintendence of the sport of basketball in Uruguay.”

Without prejudice, it should be noted that this decision is based on the fact that other agents of our sport, directly affected by the events that occurred, have not exercised their power to report on previous occasions.”

It is signed by the FUBB Executive Committee

The episode that Jayson Granger reported

This Saturday, soccer player Jayson Granger denounced that he was the victim of racist insults and hate during the finals of the Uruguayan League, and especially referred to the cries of “black shit” that the Aguada fans dedicated to him.

“Once again I once again suffer the racism and gratuitous hatred of a full field at a sporting event and I am forced to speak. ‘You black shit’ loudly from an entire stadium, plus other racist insults of all kinds are the that last night I suffered again, in Uruguay, when trying to go out to play basketball. This apparently is tolerated here and has become naturalized to such an extent that it is not given the slightest importance, when in almost any other part of the world it is. They would take action on this matter immediately,” Granger said in a lengthy letter published on his social networks.

Before the game, clashes broke out outside the aguatero gym.


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