From Hawaii to Victory: The Remarkable Journey of Patrick Scalabrini

From Hawaii to Victory: The Remarkable Journey of Patrick Scalabrini

Patrick Scalabrini signed his 700 on Sundaye victory behind the Capitals bench, an incredible mark, in just 13 seasons. All in an explosive 11-10 win against the Washington Wild Things, which was notably marked by… the expulsion of the manager. But did you know that it was very far from Quebec that the coach, at another time, refined his talent?

Scalabrini, who also marked the imagination of Quebec fans during his time in the Capitals uniform, did his university internship at the University of Hawaii.

Far… from Oklahoma

A rather unusual place to play college baseball, certainly, but the manager did not want to miss such an opportunity to spend several years in such a heavenly place.

“In college, I was at Oklahoma, and I had several offers there. But I wanted to find a place that was furthest and most different from Oklahoma,” Scalabrini told TVA Nouvelles, with a smirk.

“When the offer from Hawaii came on the table, I didn’t know much about this university, but I told myself that I was going to regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t accept it.”

Because not only had the future coach of the Capitals with seven championship rings been invited to join the team, but he had also been offered a full scholarship (also called full scholarship).

Ironically, even though he was then some 12,000 kilometers from the Old Continent, it was in European History that Scalabrini chose to do his baccalaureate.

A marriage proposal

And no, he never regretted having exiled himself so far to do his university internship, which, moreover, was probably nothing like the reality of other athletes elsewhere in the United States.

The organization was very professional, he remembers. And because of the travel – but also everything that Hawaii represents – the team played a lot of games at home, since their opponents liked to stay there a little longer.

When University of Hawaii players went to play games elsewhere, they also stayed there for a longer period of time.

They could, for example, spend two weeks in Texas, which gave them a better idea of ​​the life that could await them once they became professionals.

And Hawaii has since kept an important place in Scalabrini’s heart. “It was in Hawaii that I proposed to my girlfriend. She had been asking me to go for a long time, he smiled. It’s now done!”

– With the collaboration of Jessica Lapinski

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