French Players Shine in Wimbledon Qualifiers: Strong Start in First Round Victories

French Players Shine in Wimbledon Qualifiers: Strong Start in First Round Victories

The French got off to a good start in the Wimbledon qualifiers. Many of them have passed the 1st round.

Seed number 1 in this “qualifying” table, Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard eliminated a compatriot in the 1st round, Ugo Blanchet (6/2, 7/5). Ugo Blanchet is one of the three victims of Franco-French duels on this very prolific first day for the Blues, as Jules Marie which was released by Luca Van Assche (6/1, 3/6, 7/6). The other fratricidal match of the day smiled on Quentin Halys at the expense of his friend Grégoire Barrère (6/3, 6/4).

Complete results from day 1

Former tournament semi-finalist (twice), Richard Gasquet took this first step at the expense of the Briton Crawford (6/2, 7/6). Benjamin Bonzi also released a Briton, Peniston, 7/6, 6/2. As Lucas Pouillesuperior to Pinnington Jones, 6/0, 6/3.

Hugo Gaston defeated the Japanese Mochizuki (7/6, 6/4). Maxime Janvier overwhelmed Chinese Taipei player Hsu (7/5, 6/3). Pierre-Hugues Herberthe got the better of another Asian player, the Korean Hong (6/3, 6/2).

Titouan Droguethe got the better of the Bosnian Fatić (6/3, 6/7, 6/3). Hugo Grenier showed himself to be stronger than the Bolivian Dellien (6/4, 6/4). Antoine Escoffier beat the Argentinian Olivieri 6/2, 6/4.

Despite the eliminations of Manuel Guinardd’Enzo Couacaudof Harold Mayotof Benoît Paireof Kyrian Jacquetof Térence Atmaneof Valentin Royerof Matteo Martineau and of Clement Tabur, the results of the first day are therefore rather good. The hunt for the big picture will continue on Tuesday with the entry of the ladies.

Tuesday’s program

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