French Judo Veterans Shine at National Championships in Paris

French Judo Veterans Shine at National Championships in Paris

Saturday June 22, 2024, the French men’s and women’s veteran championships took place at the National Judo Institute in Paris.
Carole SINÈGRE of Amicale Mochizuki, in the F6 category under 52kg and Marie Claude IVALDI, member of the Club Omnisports de Bellevue in the F6 category over 78kg, climbed to the highest step of the podium…

Carole, Sinègre de l’Amicale Mochizuki

  • This is a first for Carole in this national competition
  • Concerning Marie-Claudeshe retains her title in her category

Marie Claude, Ivaldi of the Bellevue Omnisport Club

A great performance for these two judokas who set an example at the national level.

Joel BEUZE of the AJC Marin and elected of the league responsible for the veterans commission ranks 7th in the category of M6 less than 90kg

Joël Beuze ranks 7th in his category

No ranking for Danny HOULLIER licensed at the Amicale Mochizuki and for teaching at the CSL Gendarmerie Olivier BOULAY but a great experience at this level for these judo enthusiasts who are certain that they can do even better.

Let’s salute the beautiful 2nd place of Martinican Stéphane LEGRAND BELROCHE, former member of Amicale Mochizuki in his category. Stéphane is a very talented judoka.

Work continues to be ready for the next world championships in Las Vegas in November

Everyone is a source of pride for Martinican Judo!

Good sporty
Alfred CÉPHISE – President

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