French Embassy in Mexico Hosts Walk and Sports Fair to Celebrate Paris 2024 Olympics

French Embassy in Mexico Hosts Walk and Sports Fair to Celebrate Paris 2024 Olympics

Just over a month before the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, The French Embassy in Mexico wanted to add flavor to the fair with the celebration of the Walk and Sports Fair. ANDevent that took place at the Angel of Independence and in the Monument to the Revolution, two historical places in the capital

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With a white shirt illuminated by blue tones and red, in honor of the French flag, hundreds of capital residents participated in the race, Which spread for 2.5 kilometers and had its goal in the Plaza de la República.

Once the tour was over, there was no shortage of people who refreshed themselves with the water from the fountains. There, on the sides of the esplanade, dozens of stands were set up where those present could get closer to French culture and some of the sports that make up the Olympic program, such as boxing, judo, soccer and archery

“These events are very motivating, we appreciate people’s participation, it is good that there are these initiatives. We greatly congratulate the Embassy of France in Mexico and also to the Sports Institute of Mexico City. How good that they can unite us through these actions,” said María José Alcalá, president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, who also participated in the Walk.

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The Olympic atmosphere could be felt at the fair, especiallyor with the presence of Phrygie, mascot of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Represented in two sculptures made by the Mexican artisan Joaquín Retana. His works, placed on the sides of the stages, captured the attention of the public, who took the opportunity to take photographs with them.

“The River Senna and the center of Paris will be within for 33 days the privileged settings of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. With this Walk and Sports Fair heading to Paris 2024, we are celebrating sports in the city. As today, the historical buildings and monuments of Paris will be the hosts of international popular coexistence and sports competitions,” commented Delphine Borione, French ambassador to Mexico.

For his part, Julio Pérez, director of the Sports Institute of Mexico City He valued the participation of the capital’s residents.


These initiatives are directly focused to people who are starting the sport. QHe likes to run and also walk, because it was a walk 2.5 kilometers from the Angel of Independence to the Monument to the Revolution. And these two icons of Mexico for the world are invaluable,” said the manager, who also announced that there will be more surprises ahead of the great sports festival.

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A concert was also held at the event. de Ixaya, Franco-Mexican rapper, calisthenics and breakdancing exhibitions. Plus a raffle of a double trip to France, where Paola Naciff, a 30-year-old woman who practices judo, was the winner and will travel to Paris with her daughter, hoping to see her compatriots Paulina Martínez and Prisca Awiti.

“I have been practicing judo for 15 years, andIt’s something that I really like and I’m very passionate about. I’m very excited because I’m going to be able to see my compatriots who qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games,” she said, excited.

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