French Basketball Stars Shine Bright in New York

French Basketball Stars Shine Bright in New York

“There are several French players in New York for this ceremony. Why is this important for French basketball?
It’s special, this year, with Alex (Sarr), Tidjane (Salaün), Melvin (Ajinça), there are many of us. This means that French basketball is growing. With Alex, we grew up together, we have known each other since we were eleven. Being here in New York is a dream come true.

Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?
My father (Stéphane Risacher, ex-international). He was the first player I saw. I was very young but I saw him play in Murcia (Spain) then in Chalon when he returned to France. Then, when I got my first smartphone, I could see videos of his best actions on the internet. I’m curious, I take things from everywhere. Last year, Victor (Wembanyama) and Bilal (Coulibaly) also inspired me a lot.

What does this have to do with your father’s game?
He taught me how to play the right way and it corresponded to what I wanted, to my way of seeing the game. He was my teacher, off the field first and on the field then. He taught me a lot of things, we talked about basketball constantly, in a natural way.

“I want to be in a team that wants to develop me, with which I can win, whether I am first choice, second or third”

What did the season at JL Bourg change in your game?
I was empowered and considered on a team that was winning matches. I wasn’t just a prospect and it made me realize that I could do great things individually and collectively.

What do you think you will bring to your future team?
I’m a versatile player, I like to do a lot of things on the pitch. For my first year in a new League, it will be important to see what suits the team. I want to be in a team that wants to develop me, that I can win with, whether I’m first choice, second or third. »

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