France takes advantage of an own goal and Mbappé ends up bloodied – La Provincia

France takes advantage of an own goal and Mbappé ends up bloodied – La Provincia

France’s five debuts in major tournaments with Didier Deschamps on the bench had ended in victories. It was not going to be less the sixth against Austria (0-1). The statistics were expanded by a little help from an own goal by Maximilian Wöber, who combed a harmless center from Kylian Mbappé towards his goal, which fulfilled another tradition. Damn, more like.

The star still hasn’t scored a goal in a Euro Cup finals. Although he gets rich when it comes to a World Cup. He failed in his efforts in the four games of the previous edition and in the inaugural event in Germany. He left frustrated by the two clear missed chances, hurt by a very strong blow to the nose and bloody; Also reprimanded for entering the field without permission and wasting time.

The first reports spoke of a fracture due to the deviation it showed, which was later confirmed by the French federation. The medical evaluations were going to estimate at the end of the night, if the striker was going to be operated in Düsseldorf to correct the nasal deviation that he presented.

Wöber puts his hands on his head after heading towards his own goal. / Hassan Ammar / AP

One Kanté is worth three

Deschamps lined up his gala forward and seated the three madridistas of the course (Mendy, Camavinga and Tchouaméni), happy to have recovered the best N’Golo Kante, symbol of the 2018 world title, and who had been missing from the national team in the last two years, half forgotten in Saudi Arabia.

The coach wanted to see if he was the same at 33 years old and, upon checking it, he returned him to the axis of the field. “I got the impression that there were three like him,” Marcus Thuram joked on Saturday after competing with him in training. Kanté was only enough to stop a dangerous Wimmer counterattack five minutes from time.

Mbappé’s crash collides with Danso’s shoulder, which caused the hemorrhage. / Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP

The forwards are accommodated

With Kanté, France formed the classic eleven, accommodating its formidable forwards in the best way, with Ousmane Dembélé and Thuram on the wings, Antoine Griezmann in the midfielder and Mbappé up front. It is a simple reference: the new galactic He is in constant movement, ready to be the recipient of the ball recovered by his teammates. He prefers to ride than wait, knowing that if he faces a running defender, he will easily overwhelm him.

Or causes a foul. And there he was attentive Jesús Gil Manzano, who whistled his first game. Wow, it whistled. The Austrians are strong-footed, and the light Frenchmen frequently rolled on the ground. He did not notice a very clear corner after Austria’s best chance in the first period, which was thwarted by Mike Maignan after Christoph Baumgartner stood alone in his face taking advantage of the fact that Dalot Upamecano, the French central defender, had gone on an excursion. The Austrians were more angry with him than the French.

Gil Manzano made his debut in the tournament with seven yellow cards and many protests from the Austrians with his decisions.

Kanté protects the ball from Gregoritsch’s harassment. / La Presse / AP

The Central European team lacks the drops of quality that the French do have, even if they spread them with very bad, smelly finishes.

Round trip

Ralf Rangnick has only been on the Austrian bench for two years – a short working time for a coach – and the good tactical organization that characterizes the so-called teams The teacher, must be corroborated in other meetings. It got messy when it went for the tie, a round trip that with France is suicide due to the speed with which it goes on the counterattack. The Central European team lacks the drops of individual quality that other footballers have, the French, for example, although they spread them with very bad, smelly shots. Not only Mbappé, the most repetitive.

The French were not distracted by the political chatter with which they and the country entertain themselves in the face of the imminent elections that could cause a turnaround. Nor did they give rise to being accused of inattention to the game. They missed several options to increase the score and had to settle for an ugly victory. Who cares. “There is nothing better than starting with a victory,” Deschamps had said.

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